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Election 2016: It's Time to Grow Up 

Last Updated: 10/10/2016 9:06 am

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The new Aquarius Sun gleams from on top of the chart—and then in the next house over in Pisces, a cluster of planets describe the public show, and the public eating it up. The first time I saw this chart, my impression was that Bernie Sanders would be president; though now, barring some truly strange circumstances, that's not likely.

It's almost like this chart is flaunting nostalgia and a sense of how good it is to be back in the past, while being in denial of the present. I believe that most of the time what we call politics operates on the level of religion: that is, hope, belief and fear of the unknown. People tend to see what they already believe is there, and this is particularly true of politics.

The person who is sworn in knows how to exploit this factor in consciousness, and how to do it in a sly way. There is an indication the new president understands that their most significant official power is making appointments to the Supreme Court.

The chart contains an endless well of consequences coming through this event, which people pretend not to understand. The flow of consequences feeds a bigoted, narrow, critical viewpoint that makes it nearly impossible to think in a creative way. In order to solve national and global problems, it's necessary to both be creative and to take some risks, and this chart describes every other approach.

The Problems With Presidential Elections

When the US presidency is up for grabs, it distracts the country from other issues for nearly two years. It seems important. Yet the conversation tends to go nowhere.

The president has limited actual, legitimate influence over the governance of the country, but thanks to electronic media, a huge image. This image is a mirage. There are three co-equal branches of government in the United States. Most real governance happens on the state, county and municipal level.

The president is largely a figurehead. Because his or her power includes access to the nuclear arsenal, a truly modern problem, that raises the stakes. Yet during an election we treat the presidency like it's a hybrid between regent and superhero.

In essence, the United States wastes two years listening to people lie about how they're going to solve all our problems—and expecting them to do it. Then it spends the next two years angry that no problems are being solved—a genuinely codependent state of affairs. Along the way, nobody actually stands up to the government. For all the talk, we take it as it comes.

I don't think we will have sane civic life until more people have stood up to their parents and claimed their lives as their own—which any therapist will tell you is a rare phenomenon. Until then, the authoritarian miniature state (the family) will be the model for the full-on authoritarian state (the government).

I hate to break the news, but nobody is going to descend from above and solve our problems for us. We must do it together

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