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Esteemed Reader | March 2020

Publisher Jason Stern ponders upon the similarities between fireflies and the trajectory of our paths.


Esteemed Reader | February 2020

Publisher Jason Stern takes us back 2,500 years to show the collective wisdom of the times.


Esteemed Reader | January 2020

Publisher Jason Stern discusses the isolation of people today versus the 70's when people hitchhiked and connected.


Esteemed Reader | December 2019

Publisher Jason Stern relates an allegorical tail of hopelessness and the restorative power of the inner voice or voice from beyond.


Esteemed Reader | November 2019

Publisher Jason Stern discusses his upcoming birthday, its significance and questions whether a person's spirit lives on in others for years to come.


Esteemed Reader | October 2019

Publisher Jason Stern explains how the enneagram is both a symbolic portrait and a roadmap to becoming a completed human being.


Esteemed Reader | September 2019

Publisher Jason Stern explores conflict, duty, and mindfulness.


Esteemed Reader | August 2019

Esteemed Reader of Our Magazine: The tenor of the public discourse, so rife with vitriol, polemics, and contradictions exerts a continuous draw on attention and the temptation to get swirled into an omnipresent vortex of negativity.


Esteemed Reader | July 2019

Our publisher Jason Stern makes the case that science is not clearly defined or something to be believed in, in response to a reader's letter.


Esteemed Reader | June 2019

Our publisher Jason Stern shares how he experienced all things at once one morning and questions human behavior under the same gestalt consciousness.


Esteemed Reader | May 2019

Our publisher Jason Stern shares an E. E. Cummings poem about death and rebirth, and discusses the cycle happening in different forms.


Esteemed Reader | April 2019

Our publisher Jason Stern explores the phrase "Love your enemies robustly" and delves into the meaning and mechanism of doing so robustly.

Esteemed Reader | March 2019

Our publisher Jason Stern questions perception and hyparxis through the electromagnetic spectrum and beyond.


Esteemed Reader | February 2019

A note from our publisher, Jason Stern.

Esteemed Reader | January 2019

A note from our publisher, Jason Stern.

Esteemed Reader of Our Magazine

Jason Stern shares his father's illness and Thanksgiving with family.



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