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Esteemed Reader: August 2022

On a perfect summer day in July I climbed on the Millbrook crag, at the southern end of the Shawangunk Ridge. Sometimes called “The White Cliff,” Millbrook shines bright white in the sun and is the tallest cliff in the chain.

Esteemed Reader: A Deep and Living Canvas

Jason Stern appreciates the deep, living canvas of nature.


Esteemed Reader: Seeing Outside the Box (Store) | June 2022

Jason Stern takes a trip to Walmart with his teenage son.


Esteemed Reader: On the Verge of A Revolutionary Worldview | May 2022

Jason Stern on the revolutionary worldview being born.


Esteemed Reader: Knowing What to Ignore | April 2022

Heeding Rumi, Jason Stern focuses on what to ignore.


Esteemed Reader: The Glorious Day | March 2022

Jason Stern reflects on the lessons from a glorious winter day following an ice storm.


Esteemed Reader: Living Fully in Each Moment | February 2022

Jason Stern reflects on the fractured attention and the richness reaped when we bring full attention and presence to each moment.


Esteemed Reader: The Tripartite Instrument | January 2022

Jason Stern considers the three families of content of inner life: thoughts, emotions, and sensations.


Esteemed Reader: Patience As a Strategy

In the fight against the oppressive forces of the global corporate capitalist machinery, Jason Stern advises an strategy of patience.


Esteemed Reader: The Master Game | November 2021

“I come to a threshold where I feel that I am no longer a compact mass but an infinity of living particles in movement, in vibration.


Esteemed Reader: Dissatisfaction as Propulsion | October 2021

Jason Stern turns to John G. Bennett for wisdom on harnessing dissatisfaction.


Esteemed Reader: Preparing for Death | September 2021

On the heals of the graceful passing of his father-in-law, Jason Stern ponders the inevitable reality of death and how we can best prepare to meet it well.


Esteemed Reader: Life, the Movie | August 2021

In the company of his nephew, Jason Stern has the opportunity to reflect on the movie that is life—a teachable moment.

Esteemed Reader: Choose Your World | July 2021

Publisher Jason Stern reflects on the fixity of being and our capacity to create our own paradise or hell.


Esteemed Reader: What is Life? | June 2021

Publisher Jason Sterns contemplates the unanswerable question: What is life?


Esteemed Reader: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword | May 2021

In trying to explain the world of publishing to a group of



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2022 Virtual Cannabis Research Conference

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