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Evil Does Not Exist

Ryusuke Hamaguchi's 2021 film, Drive My Car, was an absolute smash hit that year, garnering two Academy Award nominations and over $15 million at the global box office, which is impressive for a quiet three-hour movie about the futility of self-acceptance and the eternal investment of regret. Hamaguchi has always had a flair for the elaborate and an obsession with the self. He creates characters that are at once wholly relatable and still dramatically detached. His new film, Evil Does Not Exist, follows a widower, Takumi, who cares for his daughter in a peaceful Japanese village. Everyday life is turned upside down when a development company breaks ground on a new glamping site, where visitors and tourists can stay to relax, which would highly upset the local ecosystem. When Takumi attempts to take a stand against these changes, he is instead hired by the company's public relations team to help persuade the villagers to allow the construction, just as his daughter mysteriously goes missing.