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The Future of Food & Farms

The Future of Food & Farms

Groups in the region are working on creating a more just and equitable food system.



Farmers & Chefs Grows Greens in a Shipping Container in their Parking Lot
John Lekic of Farmers & Chefs is growing greens in a shipping container in his parking lot.


How The Pandemic Transformed This Hudson Valley Food Company

Athens-Based Field Goods Launched Home Delivery in Less Than Two Weeks
When non-essential businesses closed in droves in late March, the team at Athens-based Field Goods knew they had a big problem. Their network of over 700 community pickup sites like libraries, coffee shops, and gyms where the team delivered weekly orders of local produce and other artisanal products to their customers was about to disappear. So in just two weeks, they completely changed how they did business.


The Sow Must Go On

The Effects of COVID-19 on the Hudson Valley Farms
The impact of COVID-19 on farmers varies according to operation size and product, but one thing is clear: with grocery store and germ anxiety at an all-time high, consumers want farm-fresh food now more than ever.


Hudson Valley Farmers’ Markets in the Era of Coronavirus

For the 2020 season, COVID-19 changes are afoot.


Find Your Local, Hudson Valley CSA

Get Your Fresh Produce Share for the 2020 Season
Find farms that provide CSA near you. CSA, or community-supported agriculture, gives you a share of the crop every week for a pay-upfront price, financially supporting the hard work of local farmers.


This Interactive Map Helps You Find and Buy Directly from Local Farmers

Skip the Grocery Store and Buy Directly from Hudson Valley Farmers With CCE’s New Map Tool
With the disruption to the traditional supply chain caused by COVID-19, it’s never been more important to support your local farmers. And thanks to recent efforts by the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County and their interactive map, it’s never been easier.


How the US-China Trade War Affected Hudson Valley Farmers

Farmers in New York were better positioned than many farmers elsewhere in the country after President Trump’s tariffs on China.
We take a look at how the months-long trade standoff between the US and China has affected and will continue to affect small farms in upstate New York.


Understanding New York’s New Hemp Laws: a Q&A with Attorney Marissa Weiss

In early December, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that dramatically changed the legal and regulatory framework for New York's hemp industry. We asked Marissa Weiss, Esq., an associate attorney at the Walden-based firm Jacobowitz & Gubits to help us wade through the weeds and understand what just went down in Albany.


Is Rice the Hudson Valley's Next Crop?

Ever-Growing Family Farm Brings West African Rice Farming to Upstate New York
Some would have called it impossible: Using traditional West African farming methods, a blended family is successfully growing rice in the town of Esopus. It's tough, muddy work, But come harvest time, they'll have the freshest rice you've ever tasted of, so fresh it needs less water to cook. And as farmers introducing a commodity to a new climate, they're being watched cloely by scientists seeking to improve the world's food supply.


Trout is the New Salmon: Hudson-Based Fishery Champions Sustainable New York Steelhead

The market demand for trout and salmon has wreaked havoc on global aquatic ecosystems, but entrepreneur John Ng is aiming to stem the tide of damage and supply East Coast seafood markets with a sustainable, locally grown salmon alternative: New York Steelhead trout, raised humanely at a facility outside Hudson, NY.


Cultivating a Resilient Future for Farmers: Glynwood's Farm Incubator Program

Launched in 2014, Glynwood’s Farm Business Incubator program offers its participants a variety of resources—like equipment sharing or training to develop wholesaler relationships—that can improve their businesses in real-time. To supplement the day-to-day business assistance, the program’s mission has recently focused on creating intentional moments of reflection among members.


Mighty Nutrition in Mini Form: Hudson Valley Microgreens Producers

Back in the 80s, foodies wer first discovering microgreens — and here in the Hudson Valley we've got some OG legacy growers, as well as some innovative startups. Dilicious and nutritious, microgreens add a special pizzazz and a whole lot of nutrional power to almost any dish. We looked around to see who's doing what and how, and where you can get your fix.


Follow that Spark: Brooklyn Designer Turns Farm Visit into Book that Gives Back

In August, Brooklyn-based digital designer Michelle Layne Lawson read an article on Chronogram's website about Tomorrow, Tomorrow, a 150-acre farm animal sanctuary in Columbia County that was struggling to raise funds to stay afloat. Within a few days, Lawson was on her way up to Hudson to visit the farm. And what began as casual cute animal pics turned into a coffee table book that is being sold to raise funds for the sanctuary and a renewed sense of creative vocation. Don't mind us, we're just sobbing over here.


Sound-to-Table: Sustainably Grown Oysters Delivered to Your Doorstep

For going on 40 years, the family-run business Fishers Island Oysters has been sustainably growing oysters for restaurants using suspension culture, a non-invasive form of aquaculture. They are now delivering their delicious salt water-grown briny bivalves directly to your doorstep with online ordering.


Hempire State Growers Hudson Valley Pioneer a Cooperative Model

Hempire State Growers Hudson Valley, a new co-op of hemp farmers, allows members to pool their resources and see larger profits.



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