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Cultivating a Resilient Future for Farmers: Glynwood's Farm Incubator Program

Cultivating a Resilient Future for Farmers: Glynwood's Farm Incubator Program

Launched in 2014, Glynwood’s Farm Business Incubator program offers its participants a variety of resources—like equipment sharing or training to develop wholesaler relationships—that can improve their businesses in real-time. To supplement the day-to-day business assistance, the program’s mission has recently focused on creating intentional moments of reflection among members.


Mighty Nutrition in Mini Form: Hudson Valley Microgreens Producers

Back in the 80s, foodies wer first discovering microgreens — and here in the Hudson Valley we've got some OG legacy growers, as well as some innovative startups. Dilicious and nutritious, microgreens add a special pizzazz and a whole lot of nutrional power to almost any dish. We looked around to see who's doing what and how, and where you can get your fix.


Follow that Spark: Brooklyn Designer Turns Farm Visit into Book that Gives Back

In August, Brooklyn-based digital designer Michelle Layne Lawson read an article on Chronogram's website about Tomorrow, Tomorrow, a 150-acre farm animal sanctuary in Columbia County that was struggling to raise funds to stay afloat. Within a few days, Lawson was on her way up to Hudson to visit the farm. And what began as casual cute animal pics turned into a coffee table book that is being sold to raise funds for the sanctuary and a renewed sense of creative vocation. Don't mind us, we're just sobbing over here.


Sound-to-Table: Sustainably Grown Oysters Delivered to Your Doorstep

For going on 40 years, the family-run business Fishers Island Oysters has been sustainably growing oysters for restaurants using suspension culture, a non-invasive form of aquaculture. They are now delivering their delicious salt water-grown briny bivalves directly to your doorstep with online ordering.


Hempire State Growers Hudson Valley Pioneer a Cooperative Model

Hempire State Growers Hudson Valley, a new co-op of hemp farmers, allows members to pool their resources and see larger profits.


Glynwood's Farm Dance Gala and Other September Events

On Saturday, September 7, the Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming in Cold Spring will host its annual Farm Dance Gala, a five-hour fundraising event that also includes live and silent auctions—so practice that paddle-raising!


Growing Educated Eating Throughout the Hudson Valley with Glynwood

Despite being best known for their farmer training programs, CSA organic produce, and farming and food advocacy, the Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming is also deeply committed to finding ways to give non-professionals—your everyday Hudson Valley residents, foodies, and visitors—a fun, free, and educational glimpse at farm life.


Fresh As It Gets: Berkshire Co-op Celebrates its Fourth Expansion

The Berkshire Food Cooperative, which began in 1981 as a buying club of Great Barrington families, now does $8 million in annual sales with over 3,500 member-owners and about 60 employees. The co-op is preparing to move into a new custom-built location, with twice as much space for more organic produce, meat, dairy, seafood, fresh flowers, and bulk foods along with a comfier, bigger cafe.


Blooming Hill Farm Celebrates 45 Years of Organic Growth

Love fresh, local, and organic?


Hudson Hemp: Pioneers of Regenerative Agriculture

Columbia County-based Hudson Hemp occupies an intersection of stewardship and wellness. Using regenerative agriculture practices, the company is producing organic hemp and full-spectrum CBD oil for the booming wholesale market, while pioneering research into the benefits of sustainable farming and the healing properties of the hemp plant.


Tivoli Mushroom Supply Company

Hotel Tivoli Chef Devon Gilroy's Career Mushrooms
After moving upstate to take a job as the executive chef at Hotel Tivoli's The Corner restaurant, Devon Gilroy was exposed to the joy of growing and foraging ingredients for his dishes. This fascination blossomed into the Tivoli Mushroom Supply Company, an organic mushroom growing enterprise that he runs out of a 1,000-square-foot warehouse in Hudson along with his sister Grace.


Visit Catskills Farms with Table to Farm Tours

A New Delaware County Agritourism Venture Connects Farmers and Consumers
Kevin DePodwin and Lindsay Barton's new agritourism venture, Table to Farm Tours, takes guests on daylong excursions to four or five local farms, ranging from dairies to maple syrup producers, so consumers can meet the growers that make their food and see how their operations work.


Hudson Valley Farmers’ Market Roundup 2018

Here is a roundup of farmers markets in the Mid Hudson Valley.


Celebrating New and Old at Love Apple Farm

From Art Exhibits to Mexican Food, A Look at this Ghent Orchard's Diverse Offerings
Since coming under the ownership of Art Omi trustee Francis Greenburger in 2012, Love Apple Farm has been transformed. The central, 9,000-square-foot building houses a fresh food market, a bakery, a Mexican cafe, and an art gallery.


A Q&A with NOFA-NY

New York's Premier Organic Organization
From their annual conferences to policy efforts to resources for farmers and organic certification program, NOFA-NY is the premier organic organization in the region, working to create a sustainable regional food system that is ecologically sound and economically viable for farmers.


Find Your Local, Hudson Valley CSA

Get Your Fresh Produce Share for the 2019 Season
Find farms that provide CSA near you. CSA, or community-supported agriculture, gives you a share of the crop every week for a pay-upfront price, financially supporting the hard work of local farmers.



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