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Four Seasons 

Last Updated: 08/13/2013 4:14 pm

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I am sure we have many parallel stories from the inner worlds of our personal lives, following many of the same themes of restructuring, going deep into the nature of existence, or being forced by circumstances to make changes. Many people are feeling the lack of opportunity presented by the economic situation—and many are going deep into their personal resources, making long overdue decisions about how to change and re-create their lives.

This is the time of year when I spend a couple of months considering the astrology of the next four seasons. I prepare annual readings for the 12 signs, which have a distinctly internal quality: In that branch of my astrology, I am concerned almost exclusively with the internal weather. (In the January edition of Chronogram I will have a preview of my findings.) The task is always ominous because I am aware how sensitive people are to the astrological changes that come and go so rapidly, and how little we know about how to put those movements to work for us.

I can tell you this. The focus of 2011 is twofold. Part one is reconnecting with an inner intuitive sense that will guide us through the next wave of changes (which are focused on June 2012). Pisces, the most creative and intuitive sign, comes under new transits: Chiron shows up to stay for eight years, and Neptune makes its first visit in more than 150 years.

Part two is that we are deeply and dearly needing to revise our notion of what it means to be a “self.” This is a concept that goes unquestioned, as we tend to focus mainly on survival and immediate gratification. Think of all the energy we spend worrying about the bills and putting things into our mouths: And behold, how far past these things does your self-concept actually go? I mean actually and really?

If you define your existence as creative person, as healer, as participant in planetary change, as one helping to create the next generation, as someone who is in business that is in effect creating the future, where does your concept of self fit into the process of what you do?

We’re all aware that there is a kind of revolution happening in the structure of the world, though it looks like a revolution of the privileged and the powerful, defending their wealth and influence. We’ve only seen the first of many upheavals and changes that societies around the globe are going to go through. But for the next four seasons, the emphasis is on what it means to be human in the midst of all these changes. It’s like we’re about to be seized by a culture-wide experience of individuation that gradually drives itself in the direction of the corporate and government revolution, and there is a kind of collision between the individual and the institutional. There, we’re a bit ahead of ourselves: That’s the topic of 2012 rather than 2011. For now, the theme is waking up.

For more information about Eric Francis Coppolino’s extended 2011 forecasts, please check out Don’t forget the hyphen!

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