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Five Hudson Valley Happenings This Week (Online and Offline)

Five Hudson Valley Happenings This Week (Online and Offline)

Stay safe and have fun as you enjoy these selected activities.


Five Hudson Valley Online Events to Enjoy

There’s plenty to occupy your time with on the internet—and much of it’s being generated by local Hudson Valley arts facilities


Virtually Here: Five Hudson Valley Online Events

As in regions all around the world have been doing since the coronavirus pushed into them into quarantine, the Hudson Valley arts scene has, for the interim, migrated to the internet.


3 New Grant Programs for Artists and Creators Impacted By COVID-19

COVID-19 closures have caused intense economic pressure on artists, who rely largely on gigs rather than fixed employment. Here are three new funding opportunities for creative professionals in New York.


The Worker Writers School Makes Poets of Essential Workers

A profile of Mark Nowak and the Workers Writers School.


Performance Anxiety: Hudson Valley Artists and Art Directors on Coping with COVID

Local creatives talk about what the future looks like for their arts organizations on the other side of the crisis.


Five Virtual Hudson Valley Arts & Culture Events to “Attend” This Week

From Visual Art to Music and Cocktails, Your Weekend's Virtual Event Calendar Delivered
Five online events to attend this week in the Hudson Valley.


Hitting the Dimmer Switch: Lite Brite Pares Down Operations to Carry On During COVID-19

With a partially furloughed and work-at-home staff, the Kingston art manufacturing company Lite Brite Neon is keeping the lights burning throughout the COVID-19 shutdown.


4 Creative COVID-19 Business Pivots

We're impressed and grateful for the creative pivots Hudson Valley businesses have been taking to ride out this COVID-19 storm. As always, crisis seems to breed ingenuity. Here are some of our favorite COVID-19 business pivots.


Ghost Lights Burning: Hudson Valley Venues Face COVID-19

With social distancing measures and the country on lockdown until at least the end of April, Hudson Valley entertainment and music venues struggle to stay afloat, working to pivot while grappling with an unknown future.


7 Ways to Get Out of the House While Maintaining Social Distance

However you decide to spend your indeterminately long reprieve from society, there may be no better mental health booster than getting outdoors. If we can’t get back to reality we can at least get back to nature. Here are 7 social distancing-compliant outdoor activities you can do in the Hudson Valley to get you out of the house and stop you from going stir-crazy.


Nix Netflix: 7 Things to Do at Home That Aren't Binge-Watching

From Live-Streaming Cultural Events to Ordering a Novel from the Local Bookstore, Your Brain Will Thank Us for These Enriching Suggestions
COVID-19 social distancing measures probably means you're spending a whole lot of time in the house. Getting stir-crazy stuck inside and looking for things to fill the hours? While switching on Netflix is always a tempting option, we've rounded up some more enriching ways to spend your time at home, from shopping online to support local businesses to going for a hike, to live-streaming an opera from the Met.


6 Ways to Support Hudson Valley Businesses and Creatives from Home During COVID-19

Main Street Needs You More than Ever
Our local independent business community is the savory seasoning that makes te Hudson Valley lifestyle superb. Here are some ways we can support them during this odd moment of social distancing and staying in..


Staff Picks: Board Game Recommendations for Your Self-Quarantine

Stuck at home and wondering how to fill all that time? Here are board game recommendations from our coworkers at Chronogram.


Five Hudson Valley Arts Events This Week

Here are some rejuvenating events involving art, film, theater, poetry, and live music


5 Facts about the Irish in the Hudson Valley You Probably Didn't Know

By 1860—in the wake of the Great Famine—some 200,000 Irish folk made up a quarter of the New York City population, meaning there were more Irish living in New York than in Dublin.



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Miss Astrid's PANDEMONIUM Cabaret @

Miss Astrid's PANDEMONIUM Cabaret

Fri., May 22, 8-11:59 p.m., Sat., May 23, 8-11:59 p.m., Sun., May 24, 8-11:59 p.m. and Mon., May 25, 8-11:59 p.m. — Miss Astrid’s Pandemonium Cabaret will bring the show to YOU this holiday...

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