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Wag the Syria

Wag the Syria

Larry Beinhart takes on US involvement in Syria
In this month's Body Politic, Larry Beinhart discusses the war in Syria and the US's recent involvement.


9 Strange News Headlines from April 2018

The gist of what you may have missed
Take a gander at these nine weird news stories from last month.


John Faso’s got seven problems and Diane Neal ain’t one of them

Our unscientific stab at picking an early winner in the Democratic primary race in the 19th congressional district.


12 Weird News Headlines You May Have Missed in March 2018

A KFC chicken emergency, Gandhi's correspondence, and other strange, juicy headlines you may have missed in March 2018.


Gina, She-Wolf of the CIA

Analyzing Trump's pick for head of the CIA
Larry Beinhart discusses Trump's nominee to head the CIA, Gina Haspel.


Policing in the Hudson Valley

A Window into the National Issue of Excessive Force and Community Policing
Issues of excessive use of force in the Newburgh and Kingston police departments daylight struggles and opportunities for law enforcement in communities of color.


The Duality of Chelsea Manning: In the Spotlight at Bard

In the wake of her controversial decision to run for US Senate, Chelsea Manning spoke at Bard College in February 2018. Read one audience member's take on event.


Groundhog Day: Foreshadowing Inflation?

The Past, Present, and Future of US Economy
Larry Beinhart's Body Politic analyzes the current state of the United States economy.


8 Strange News Headlines from February 2018

We've rounded up some of the quirkiest global headlines of February 2018.


Racist Immigration Reform, An America without Diversity

Our Way, Norway, or No Way
Larry Beinhart tackles Donald Trump, American diversity, immigration reform, and racism in the United States following the president's "shit hole country" remarks about Haiti and other countries.


10 Strange News Headlines from January 2018

Read about bizarre, strange, and under-publicized news stories that you might have missed in January 2018.


The Seven Words You Can’t Say at the CDC

Larry Beinhart’s Body Politic for January 2018
Larry Beinhart waxes poetic about government censorship at the CDC.


News Headlines You May Have Missed from December 2017

Amazon’s market dominance, a lying president, child hunters, and other juicy news tidbits you might have missed from December 2017.


News Headlines You May Have Missed from November 2017

Food photo overload, New Delhi smog, trickle-down tax reform, and other juicy news tidbits from the month of November 2017.


New York's Constitutional Convention Debate

The 20-Year Question
Hillary Harvey explores the 20-year question of whether or not New York should hold a convention to revise and amend its state Constitution.


News Headlines You May Have Missed from October 2017

The death of an overworked salesman, bird-drone faceoffs, KFC in Ghana, and other juicy tidbits from the October 2017 news cycle.



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