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Bard College at Simon’s Rock is the nation’s only four-year residential college specifically designed for students ready to begin college early, usually after the 10th or 11th grade. Students typically enter Simon’s Rock at the age of 16, without a high school diploma, and earn the BA by age 20.

For some students, high school is not enough. Simon’s Rock offers an alternative: a rigorous program in the liberal arts and sciences and a community of engaged, supportive peers and faculty. Courses are all taught as seminars, and emphasize analytical thinking, excellence in expression, and interdisciplinary perspective. Every aspect of our college–academic, advisory, and residential–is tailored to the needs of teens, not older students.

Founded in 1966, Simon’s Rock joined the Bard College system in 1979. Our students can take classes at the main Bard campus and our BA is jointly granted by Simon’s Rock and Bard College. Simon’s Rock graduates have excelled in every field of endeavor. Visit us to see if early college will fulfill your potential for excellence.

Ages: Students admitted after completing 10th or 11th grade, typically aged 15 - 17.

Special Programs: The Berkshire Regional Scholarship provides significant financial assistance to qualified students who reside in 14 surrounding counties.

Tuition: $44,075
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