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Hearing What the Heart Wants: Venus Stations Direct 

Last Updated: 09/02/2015 3:20 pm
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Venus retrograde has been the keynote astrology of summer 2015. If anything astrological has marked or framed this season in any coherent way, Venus retrograde is it. Now it is winding down.

On Sunday, September 6, at 4:29 am EDT, Venus stations direct in mid-Leo, after having been retrograde for the past six weeks. While "Mercury retrograde" has become a common term even in mainstream discourse, and conjures up images of tech glitches and travel snafus, Venus is retrograde far less often. Its station direct may feel a little mysterious to you.

However, if you know that Venus signifies who and what you value (both intangibly and materially), how you give and receive love (your relationships), and also beauty and aesthetics, you can think back over the last six weeks to see how and when those themes have presented themselves to you. You might glean particular insight from issues, people and relationships from the past that you’ve revisited—or that seem to have revisited you.

A brief trip back through your journal, calendar or old emails may help you connect the dots and see a pattern. What do you feel like you’ve learned, questioned, reassessed or perhaps even distanced yourself from in the last month and a half?

If you have made large purchases or major relationship decisions in recent weeks, pay attention to how they develop and how you feel about them between now and October 9, and beyond. Venus leaves its shadow or "echo" phase on that date; that is, it leaves the degrees of the zodiac where it has been retrograde.

Also remember that Venus began its retrograde in Virgo for the first week, then backed into Leo for the other five weeks. Venus retrograde in Virgo—a sign ruled by Mercury—may have felt very much like a Mercury retrograde (tech or travel glitches, miscommunication, fuzzy thinking, etc.). It may have also included an extra layer of self-criticism, or a reminder of an "inner critic" with regard to your sense of yourself as a creative being. It’s possible the entire six weeks kept that Mercury retrograde-like feel for you.

You also might have noticed that after the shift to Leo, questions around the roles of play, compassion, ego and demonstrativeness may have become more prominent in your relationships and in your self-inquiry. Leo also rules the heart in the body; between that and Venus ruling love, you have some clear guideposts.

Whatever you’ve noticed and discovered, any station direct by a planet indicates a shift. The days around the actual station can feel tense with the sense of energy building but not yet releasing, or like things are getting churned up. Your strategy is to stay loose, present and observational.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar described the degree of Leo where Venus is stationing direct as, in part, “The more or less sensational release of energies in a form dramatizing the unconscious aspirations.” Sunday might not seem any more dramatic for you than any other Sunday, but watch and listen carefully anyway for “unconscious aspirations” finding expression. (And if you happen to be involved in a theatrical production that day, I’d be curious to hear if you notice anything particular about yourself in that regard.)

Eric Francis has described Mercury stationing direct as often having the quality of “the truth comes out.” When Venus stations direct, see if your heart’s truth comes out. And if it does, then what?

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