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Hudson Valley homes are set in an ideally balanced location—it’s an easy commute to the city, but it’s also far enough away to enjoy nature and the outdoors. The cultural diversity of the Hudson Valley towns and cities complement the serene natural setting, with mountains, rivers, lakes, and trails. Local residents enjoy homes and properties that range from historic buildings to modern houses with innovative architecture and design. Hudson Valley real estate is sought after for its spacious, comfortable, and distinctive homes.

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Ashokan High Point: A Historic Stone Home Near Woodstock

Ashokan High Point: A Historic Stone Home Near Woodstock

A peek inside a historic stone house near Woodstock.

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Hudson Valley Heat Wave

5 Tips For Navigating Today's Competitive Real Estate Market
Real estate agent and owner of Halter Associates Realty, Lisa Halter offers five tips for navigating today's competitive Real Estate market.

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Hudson Valley Airstream Makes Your Sleek Tiny Home Dreams Come True

A creative director and a sculpture artist/furniture designer trained in industrial design use their combined skill set to breathe new life into decades-old trailers and transform them into modern, liveable tiny homes that sell for just under $100,000

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5 Sun-Loving Native Flowers in Bloom in the Hudson Valley

Inspiration for your own garden from Hudson Valley Native Landscaping
Native landscaper John Messerschmidt offers five sun-loving native plants whose blooms you can spot outside this summer, plus some helpful tips for adding them to your own garden.

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Mohonk Mountain House Rolls Out Retro Entertainment For Safe Summer Fun

Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz has been one of the Hudson Valley’s iconic destinations for generations. This summer, they’re throwing it back to simpler times with a roster of activities that are sure to provide fun for the whole family, all at a safe social distance.

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Plant Paradise: This Picturesque Nursery in Jewett is Worth a Trip

Whether you picked up gardening this pandemic or have always been an enthusiast, there are few things that will up your plant game like a trip to a local nursery. If you’re looking for major garden inspiration and a car full of healthy young plants to head home with, Kerns Landscapes and Nursery in the Catskill Mountain town of Jewett is a destination worth detouring for.

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Shelter Winners

The 2020 Chronogrammies winners in the Shelter category.

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Hotel Spotlight: Mohonk Mountain House

A spotlight on Mohonk Mountain House, Chronogrammies winner in the Shelter category.

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Furniture Maker Spotlight: Love Wood Co.

A spotlight on Love Wood Co., Chronogrammies winner in the Fashion/Design category.

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Live Long and Prosper: A Woodstock Arts & Crafts Home

Allison Reynolds tells her love-at-first-sight story of a Woodstock Arts & Crafts home that formerly belonged to science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon.

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At the Design Table: A Zoom Conversation

What's Next for Your Brick-and-Mortar Design Shop: A Recap
In late May, Chronogram Media teamed up with Maryline Damour, founder of Kingston Design Connection, to host a panel discussion on the impacts of COVID-19 on brick-and-mortar design shops and the industry at large.

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Hudson Valley Hotels Divided Over Reopening

While several of the area's hotels are taking advantage of the Mid-Hudson Valley's reopening to begin welcoming guests back into their rooms, other hotels are taking a more cautious approach, wary of triggering a second wave of COVID-19 by encouraging city residents to visit the area.

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Turn Your Garden Into a Hummingbird Paradise With These 5 Native Plants

Hummingbirds are unparalleled pollinators. Their elongated, curved beaks are tailor-made for flowers with long or narrow blooms, which can be difficult for bees and butterflies to reach. Landscaper John Messerschmidt offers tips on which beautiful native plants to add to your garden to attract these petite pollinators and ensure abundant flowers year after year.

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No Ghosts Attached: A Greek Revival in Hudson

The contemporary art collection of Javier Magri and Carol McCranie resides in a Greek Revival in Hudson’s historic district.

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Remote Possibilities

How Home Buying and Selling Is Going Fully Digital
Buying and Selling homes have started going digital.

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The Forthcoming Maker Hotel is a Design Destination Worthy of Royalty

A Sophisticated Riot of Textures and Textiles Makes this Hudson Hotel Irresistible
Though the pandemic has further delayed the grand opening of the Maker Hotel's guest rooms in Hudson, the rich blend of luscious textures, understated palette, global influences, and quality materials promise a high-end hotel experience worth the wait.

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5 Native Plants You Should Add to Your Garden This Spring

These gorgeous varieties are a delight for both the eyes and the Hudson Valley’s ecosystem
John Messerschmidt of Hudson Valley Native Landscaping recommends 5 native plants to add to your garden this spring.

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An Elegant Equation: These Wood Sheds Combine Design and Mathematical Precision

New Paltz-based Glenn’s Sheds will you keep your home cozy for years to come
With spring temps gloriously warming up, it’s easy to banish anything related to cold weather to the back of your mind. So out go the bulky sweaters, snow tires, and hearty stick-to-your-ribs stews. But according to Glenn Nystrup, owner of New Paltz-based Glenn’s Sheds, when it comes to your fireplace or wood-burning stove, spring is the best time to set yourself up for success on those far-off cold days. “Now is the best time to fill up your wood shed to prepare for fall,” Nystrup says. “No matter how much you hear about the wood you buy being dry, the only way to be sure is to season it yourself starting in the spring.” According to Nystrup, that’s because wood takes a while to dry, and it can vary greatly by type—from quick-drying ash to slow-drying oak, which he says can take up to a year to dry to its fullest potential. “It takes time for the cells within the wood to give up their moisture,” he says. “Only in this way can they be considered dry, and perform best when heating.” That’s where an outdoor wood shed with plenty of ventilation comes in. “I began building firewood sheds in 2012 because there was a need,” Nystrup says. “When I looked at what was being sold everywhere, I realized a more serious type was needed—a style that could maximize the drying potential of the firewood itself, and keep it dry and ready for years if need be.” He also felt a wood shed should add beauty to its landscape, whether it was located on an estate overlooking the Hudson or a rustic cabin in the Catskills. Nystrup had the exact know-how needed to put his theories into practice. His professional career as a math teacher educating students from preschool to college meant he was familiar with subjects like Trigonometry and concepts like the Pythagorean Theorem—all necessary in carpentry. “I love that I get to use a healthy portion of the math that I teach to students.” he says. “How exciting it is to take theory, write it down as two-dimensional drawings, and bring it to life as a three-dimensional work of art.” Nystrup started out by building firewood sheds for close friends and family. Many of them were battling the excess moisture and subsequent rot that storing wood outdoors under tarps can cause, which his open-air sheds remedied. “The sheds are designed for maximum drying, which ensures that you get the maximum BTU that each log has to offer,” he says. Soon, more people started to notice his minimalist sheds popping up, and a business was quickly born. Today, Glenn’s Sheds offers over 50 styles and sizes of firewood sheds, all designed by Nystrup and assembled onsite by his team. Designing and building wood sheds has also been an enriching activity for Nystrup to share with his young grandsons, who Nystrup has always included in his building projects from wood sheds to tree houses and more. “The process of sharing the building, the skill, and the knowledge with younger generations is a precious one,” he says. “It is more than the use of tools and materials that they learn. Knowledge is built. Connection is built. Character is built. And when one combines being with knowledge, true understanding is created.” ...

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(Stay at) Home Office: Designers on How to Create a Workspace in Lockdown

Millions of people around the world are stuck at home as we ride out the wave of COVID-19 and try to stem its spread. Working from home has brought new challenges, as people struggle to be productive away from the office and amidst domestic distractions. We talked to a handful of Hudson Valley designers to get their tips on how to set up a home office, or at least a temporary workstation.

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Space 428: Choreographer Jonah Bokaer's Church of Dance in Hudson

Choreographer Jonah Bokaer transforms a church into Space 428 in Hudson.

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How to Grow a Victory Garden

Tips from Doug Muller at Hudson Valley Seed Company
During World War II, an estimated 20 million victory gardens produced more than 40 percent of the vegetables grown for that year’s fresh consumption. With the COVID-19 outbreak putting strains on the supply chain, and restricting people's movement, it may be time for a return to the victory garden movement. Here are some tips for how to plan and plant your victory garden from Hudson Valley Seed Company cofounder Doug Miller.

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Little Poland in the Catskills

A Zakopane-Style Chalet Near Hunter
Swapping the Carpathians for the Catskills, Benjamin Laroux’s Zakopane-style chalet brings the vernacular of the Southern Polish Highlands to upstate New York.

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Green Acres: A Primer on Purchasing Land

Lisa Halter of Halter Associates Realty shares a few tips on buying land.

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Art Forms Architecture: Grigori Fateyev's Poetic Approach to Space

Architect Grigori Fateyev is behind some of the most innovative new construction in the Berkshires, taking architecture's basic components and interrogating them to design spaces that elevate the human experience. He loves to surprise, and his methods are 100% sustainable. "All good architecture is green building, he says. "If it's not, what are you even doing?"

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The Pride of Rosendale

Trans Resident Angie Bouros Responds to Bigotry by Turning Her Home Into a Symbol of Acceptance
Over the course of two years, transgender Rosendale resident Angelina Bouros received four threatening and discriminatory letters for hanging the LGBTQ pride flag on her house. The threats culminated in the killing and dismemberment of her cat, after which Bouros decided to paint her house rainbow-colored to send a clear message that she would not be intimidated.

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Pacama Handmade: Traditional Woodworking in a Modernist Context

Sleek, Timeless Hudson Valley Furniture, Handcrafted to Your Specifications
In a workshop in the foothills of the Catskills, Cedric Martin draws on inspiration from his Amish country roots and his love of modern art to create Pacama Handmade Furniture. The designs are his babies—but the size, color and finish are up to you.

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Art Class with Jillian - Cornell Creative Arts Center

Wednesdays, 6-7 p.m. Continues through Aug. 26 — In Cornell Creative Art Center's virtual art classes with Jillian, students will...
Prayers for the dead – A Practice of Compassion for the Deceased online class ZOOM @

Prayers for the dead – A Practice of Compassion for the Deceased online class ZOOM

Wednesdays, 7-8:30 p.m. Continues through Sept. 2 — Powa – A Practice of Compassion for the Deceased, can be done...

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Hudson Valley Properties

Whether you are looking for a chic loft apartment or a spacious home for your kids and family near sprawling farmlands, Hudson Valley real estate offers a diverse range of properties. Hudson Valley houses are located in areas that are rich with history as well as new developments, from industrial cities to rural backcountry.

Hudson Valley Architecture

The architectural landscape of the Hudson Valley is characterized by one-of-a-kind properties, like the historic estate of Frederic Church in Hudson, Olana, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s estate and library in Hyde Park. Some Hudson Valley homes are historic, dating back to the region’s settlement in the 17th century, while others have been retrofitted with modern, sustainable, energy-saving renovations.

Hudson Valley Landscaping

Hudson Valley landscapes offer an idyllic backdrop for the region’s homes. The area’s fertile land produces seasonal, flowering trees and bushes, distinctive regional flowers and plants, and wild vegetables, like ramps and garlic. The region’s emphasis on locally grown products and gardening culture includes a wide range of agricultural and gardening organizations that offer tips and tools for building and maintaining a home garden, like the Hudson Valley Seed Library and the Hudson Valley Gardening Association.