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Horoscopes: February 

Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:37 pm
  • Aquarius

Aries (March 20-April 19)
If you experience a social injury or insult of some kind, consider the gift that it gives you. There is one, as long as you’re willing to find it. You can do that, rather than feel emotionally injured. The opportunity could be about learning to understand your vulnerabilities. And here is the razor’s edge. To be close to people, we need to be vulnerable, but that is different than hypersensitive. Anyone who is sensitive is open to both pleasure and pain. Anyone who is hypersensitive is basically vulnerable only to pain. That should be a pretty good incentive to make a sane decision. Meanwhile, bear one crucial thing in mind—your feelings are currently extremely powerful transmitters. People are going to feel you, and they are going to respond. When two or more are gathered, be mindful what you project onto one another. Or for that matter, what you project onto the world when you are alone.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
An unusual professional opportunity may arrive in the form of doing something pro bono—specifically to assist someone else. Money is not the issue in this particular experience; rather, all you need to focus on is opening up your inner channel and allowing your creativity to flow. The flow is what you are after; allowing your true creative energy into the environment. Regarding another aspect of your work, there is a commitment involved, though you’ve already made it. There is also money involved, but it emerges not through any one endeavor but more through the sharing of resources in a long-term experience. The keynote here is that everyone’s horizons will expand, not just those of one individual involved. Honor that one idea and you are in for some pleasant surprises.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
Mercury has made its way into Aquarius, and this means adventure. If you can’t get on an airplane or the Space Shuttle, try taking a road trip of at least two hours and one overnight. You may be busy, but this will help you focus your ideas and clear your head. If you think a kid is holding you back, take the kid along too. What you need is movement, the expansion of your geographic horizons, which will key right into the expansion of your psychological horizons. I guess in a pinch, getting together with some good friends and tripping will suffice. But after a rather close and stuffy experience of someone or something the past few weeks, you really seem to need some fresh air and the sound of tires humming beneath your feet.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
It would help if you would get yourself out of the house, out of your shell, and into the mood to take some chances with people. You like to think of yourself as cautious by nature, but we both know that’s only a small aspect of who you are, and certainly not the dominant aspect of your character. Now, if you choose to take a chance, be mindful that any interaction with others you don’t know can bristle you the wrong way. You don’t need to wear your raincoat or a suit of psychic armor, but do be mindful of the fact that you’re open and receptive. If you choose who to be receptive to—mainly by whom you notice feels you—the possibilities for unusual pleasure, exotic dalliances, and the kind of stuff you only read about in Kama Sutra books is possible.

Leo (July 22-August 23)
There must be a lot going on. That feels like a statement from my first year of writing horoscopes, looking at a chart with seven planets piled up in one house—your opposite house, Aquarius—perplexedly wondering what on Earth is going on. This is your house of relationships. Has a whole mob arrived for the weekend? Have you been stumping in the New Hampshire primaries? Have you opened a charm school? Have you gone to Utah and become polygamous? Are you contemplating all of the above? The key is to not let any of this distract you from what work you are so intent on completing. There is someone else around who can play host or hostess while you take care of the important stuff. You don’t need to dive into the social scene. Making the occasional cameo appearance will suffice.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Keep track of how your body feels. This is the Big Yoga of this lifetime for you. Virgos are some of the smartest people around, but they generally need to be dunked under water to have their body speak to them; I refer to the Virgo Moon as well. But your body is talking and if you listen, you will see that it’s making sense. There is a long-range healing issue that is ready to cough up some of its secrets, and reveal the truth of its being. This will surprise you in its simplicity, transcending your other complicated theories about what has been going on for you. It will surprise you in its complexity, being so connected to many other subjects of your life. Just listen to yourself for the next few days, listen to your fingers, toes, nose, and pantyhose. If you do, you’ll hear whispers of many subtle truths that have, in recent weeks and seasons, slipped through your hands.

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