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Horoscopes for September 2010 

Last Updated: 08/13/2013 4:10 pm

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CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)
You have not just turned a corner in your life—you have turned many. Your ruling planet Saturn has been through a series of oppositions to Uranus and squares to Pluto. This has been a two-year project, and the peaks of energy and the most difficult transitions are behind you. Yet I want to caution that you may be carrying trauma in your energy field from so many changes—indeed, what may feel like too many changes. This can affect your sense of well-being, of what it’s possible for you to achieve, of your freedom of movement, and whether you’re trusted by the people whose lives you influence. I suggest you suspend your doubts, and work on your own mind and feelings. All of these changes, and all the work you’ve done, both on yourself and in the world, are going to pay off. The signs are likely already there. There have been times when you’ve felt not just safe but also invincible, as if you were protected by a force beyond your own understanding. Who knows— that may be true. But your best moments have come at times when, by being uncompromisingly yourself, you notice the world moves over and makes room for who you are. As I have said many times, you are on a mission at this time in your life, one that blends the deepest levels of personal growth and the highest calling to leadership. On with the show.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19)
You know you’re intelligent, indeed, in a way that few people get to experience or even know exists: quirky, analytical, able to see five sides of an issue. You have a connection to the future that can seem strange even to you. Yet the discipline and luck that it takes to manifest your ideas can be rare commodities in the world, which tends to want the kind of innovation that was big last year. That said, you’ve recently had a taste of how influential your ideas can be. I think you figured out that there is a connection to being unequivocally yourself in the development of those ideas—which is to say, fearless about who you are. You see, this really is the key. Among the few things that could actually stop you, and have ever stopped you, is hesitation, self-doubt, and the odd sense that your mind is divided. These are all deeply personal matters, barely even environmental; true, your relationships can exaggerate the effect, but you know that how you use your mind is all about you. You’re in a moment of relative calm, though it does seem like you have a lot on your mind. I suggest you take whatever you’re working through and make it as simple as possible. Does it come down to money? Does it come down to what’s important to you? Does it come down to the fear of being independent? Name your issue, and address it directly.

PISCES (February 19-March 20)
I suggest that, in your relationships, you count on what you give without even trying. Trust that people are drawn to you for good reasons, though they may not fully understand them. Those reasons are about who you inherently are, which is something that you’ve gradually been getting a grasp on over the years. In terms of what years, let’s count back just seven. That’s long enough, and it happens to define a phase of your existence, your development, and your self-discovery that is reaching its culmination right now, in the current season. It’s true that you’ve paid a price in terms of instability and enduring constant change, both inner and outer. This has been the influence of Uranus in your life that dates back to your birthday in 2003. Around that time a process was set in motion. It took a little while to heat up, though by 2004 the signs were unmistakable. You’ve learned many things, and lots about yourself—among them, how to exist with any peace of mind on a planet where so little is certain. And yet all the while, you have no doubt noticed that you sacrifice very little when you give up any form of false certainty. Now you’ve reached a point where the benefits of your journey, of your many journeys, will gradually become apparent. Yet you have a few peak moments about to arrive, hinting of the gifts you have yet to receive.

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