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Horoscopes: June 2010 

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LIBRA  (September 22-October 23)
Your charts this month leave me wondering how much change and innovation one human being is capable of embracing. In astrology it’s a good idea to understate the case, so I will put it this way. You have lived with one order of reality, or known construct of reality for a while. That includes an idea of who you are, a life pattern, and, most of all, a relationship pattern. On several different accounts, you appear to be in a process of a top to bottom revision of all of these things. Don’t worry, it’s going to last for a while and you don’t need to make all your adjustments at once. Yet the current moment has a particular rarity, which is that if you keep your mind’s eye open, you will be the beneficiary of a vision for how good things can be in the future. One property of this process is that the more change you’re willing to abide, the more potential you can activate. For a while, you have the ability or potential to resist, though Saturn’s imminent journey through your sign suggests that you are at a maturity point that will enable you to handle some significant progress. You will do yourself an enormous favor by thinking of your experience as something that emerges from inside of you rather as something in your environment—this, even as your environment starts to vibrate and light up and morph into something new before your eyes.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 22)
You have often let your work define you. The time has arrived for you to define yourself and your work. Depending on who you are, this will be one of the most creative phases of your life, or a phase where you feel so confined that you begin a revolution, so that you can do more of what you want. I would remind you that we live in a society that alternately signals us with “do what you love and you will prosper” and, to the contrary, “why do you think they call it work?” Even those who find themselves highly successful in a chosen field can find themselves confined by their schedule, their creative demands, and by a routine. In recent years, something else has taken over, which is your willingness to take risks, and to enrich yourself creatively. Some of the experiments have worked, some have not, but one thing is clear: You are determined to express yourself. This, in turn, translates determined to be free within your environment: but it translates to something deeper, which is standing uncompromisingly in your truth, and taking action only from there. You can do this; I propose that you’ll discover that the barriers and reasons you felt you could not do this were a kind of mirage. These, in turn, will reveal the deeper material that you can work out through your process of becoming, which is creative process, which is your personal form of art: yours and yours alone.

SAGITTARIUS  (November 22-December 22)
You know that the risks you take don’t just involve you. They involve everyone in your world, because so many people depend on you—and you like it that way. Yet what if one day you woke up and you didn’t have to worry about all of them; what if your only necessity was to consider your own options? This would remove the source of nearly all of your fears, and open up a wide horizon of possibilities that seemed impossible before. I suggest you work with this for a while. It maybe one of the biggest risks you can take, and you will likely find this exciting. I’m not saying you have to do anything, or try anything; rather, I am proposing that you consider a collection of what-ifs. What if you were not bound to your current place? What if you could tap your fiery, inventive energy? What if you had the focus to stick to a new challenge long enough to bring it to fruition? What if you could tap into an energy source that you know you carry around with you? What if you could tap into the deep wisdom of the past? What if you were clear about how you feel, rather than about what you believe philosophically? Now add five or 10 of your own questions and see if you can detect a pattern to the answers. There is one. And you are in a rare moment when you can act on the truth that the pattern reveals.


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