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Horoscopes: June 2010 

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CAPRICORN  (December 22-January 20)
You fancy yourself a stable person -- but what does that mean? Every week and nearly every day brings a new challenge to which you have to adapt. What has remained constant is your view of the past, and key values from your past that you’ve used continuously to define your life. When was the last time you reevaluated everything that has happened before? You may have done this once—there are few possibilities as to when, though a time that stands out is the mid-1990s. That seemed to be a moment when you made separated yourself from history and in a sense started your archeological clock over. What you’re doing now is different: It’s a reevaluation of a “safe” definition of who you are that appears designed to provide you with predictability. In reality, it’s designed to provide a self-definition consistent with what was expected of you as a child. True, since you define yourself as so fiercely independent, you may disagree with this, and I wish I could know the points of contention—I suggest you work with each of them. These objections are actually a kind of “argument against who you are” that is coming from the past: from people who defined their purpose as being secure, who never stepped into their own original existence, and who are in the end quite different from you. If I could sum up your current revolution in one sentence, it’s that you no longer need to do their bidding.

AQUARIUS  (January 20-February 19)
I’ve said before that for a person who loves ideas as much as you do, this is a great time to be alive. You are in territory where you can surpass all limits, yet to get there you need to embrace an idea that is rarely spoken of: intellectual freedom. You understand this intuitively, of that I am certain. Yet because we live in a society that so desperately tries to repress anything it does not understand or that does not follow today’s economic rules, we’re all a little hobbled here. Yet you have a special advantage: you seek yourself in the free expression of ideas. They may belong to you; they may belong to someone else—but you know a free idea when you see one, and you are gathering the momentum to bring something you love and value to fruition. You’ve spent a lot of time, perhaps years, thinking about how much you love and value this concept—whatever it is. Now you have an opportunity to do something about it. I am sure you sense the potential: to help people, to establish a new kind of beauty within planetary consciousness. The ingredient you must work with is a form of discipline called focus. Yes, odd synchronicities will guide you on your way, but you need the full strength of your mind on this gig. And I suggest you beware of a factor that feels like living two lifetimes at once. Through this endeavor, you will finally integrate them.

PISCES (February 19-March 20)
Imagine you woke up one morning to FedEx ringing your doorbell, signed for an envelope, and were staring at a letter. “Dear [add your name]: It is my pleasure to inform you of a trust account that was established for you at the time of your birth. One of the conditions of the trust was that you would be informed of it at this time in your life, when you were ready to receive and make the best use of it, and that time is now. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we may make arrangements for the transfer of funds.” Astrologically, it’s better than money, and better than something that is handed to you. Money is suggested strongly in the aspects—potentially in the form of a highly lucrative idea. This would likely come in the form of a new approach to something you are doing now, or have working toward. You’ve come further along this journey than you think, and you’re at a breakthrough point. That arrives in the form of believing in yourself without hesitation: the deep rooting of your self-respect into your psyche. When your potential is released, the form comes in with the feeling, the actual sensation, of authentic faith in yourself. You cannot feign this; and you cannot thrive without it, so I suggest you welcome the feeling warmly, walk gently in your confidence and remember that this is your passport to whatever you want.

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