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Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:41 pm
Aries (March 20-April 19)
Home is indeed where your heart is. Or home is where you feel safe and loved, which is another way to say the same thing. It seems you are being called home, and at the same time, you are involved in a domestic situation that is necessitating you make a compromise of some kind. The compromise that's appropriate at this point is balance; it will soon become obvious that your impressive drive for aspiration in the world means very little without a hearth that is burning. True, on one truly meaningful level, you carry around both the sense of home being inside you and of home being everywhere, or at least you would love to possess these qualities. Yet there must be an actual home somewhere, where you can go inside, lock the door and be received as who you are. You have nearly everything going for you now: creative passion, highly unusual opportunities, and quite possibly the attention of a loved one. A container will help nourish and focus this unusual state of being, and it will help you rest your mind when you get a little world-weary. You may not know quite where it is, indeed, this question may never have seemed more a greater mystery—but this is unlikely to last much longer.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
It may seem like time to do a big financial reorganization, which is true enough. You need a business plan, and you need it in writing. Yet to be meaningful, business and finances need to connect to values; that is, to priorities for living that reflect what you know is important to you. Each value is a kind of commitment. Sometimes we know we have a value and need to commit to action. Sometimes it's necessary to make a decision about what is important and make future decisions on that basis. At other times, such as now, it's appropriate to take some time for a deep inquiry. You may be questioning all the ways that you seem to be acting out of accord with what is important to you, or wondering why money is not showing up connected to those topics where you feel it matters most. Current developments in your life may be prompting you to wonder whether you really know what matters, or who you really are. These are absolutely the right questions. Remember, though, that the right answers will relate to content and not to form. In other words, pay close attention to what is about you, and what is about your image.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
Rest is repair. Every system needs to shut down from time to time for maintenance. Humans don't shut down while they are alive, but we can slow down and do a review. We can learn to meditate; we can learn to shift our focus so that certain aspects of our physical and psychic bodies can get a rest. Now would be a great time to do some of this. You have some questions for yourself which are aimed at resolving what you may perceive as a split in your perceptions, or a mixed signal you are sending to the world, or getting from the world. This signal actually involves a dialog you are having with yourself, or more accurately, a shifting perspective on your life that is leading you to the complexity in things that were, at one time, relatively simple. Part of the paradox you're in is that you are striving for a measure of stability at the same time you are being confronted with the need to probe into your needs, motives and self-perception in such a way that will eventually compel you to make some significant decisions. But that time has yet to arrive; what you need is the kind of clarity that will come with a retreat from action. Even if it is brief, let it be sincere.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Our predecessors left us with unfortunately few ways to think of the role or identity of a woman, and our society is profoundly confused as a result. Astrology gave us mother (Moon) and lover (Venus). Religion did us worse, giving us virgin and whore. There is an obvious problem here -- your mother can't be a virgin, so she must be something else. The truth is that we contain many facets of who we are, including the very things that we specifically refuse to allow into our self-definition. A rare and pivotal alignment is taking place in your most sensitive house, the one associated with the deep unconscious, our most unusual and even perverse desires, and the secrets we keep even from ourselves. It's as if during the next month every inner door that you ever tried to deny comes open. At first this may strike you as a worthy source of fear. But fear is one of your most destabilizing secrets. Allow it to be, meet it face to face and challenge it to state its case. The deeper layers of awareness will emerge once you do this, and with it a truly new experience of comfort with yourself. From this space, anything is possible: that is, anything you are willing to allow.

Leo (July 22-August 23)

I truly hope you are feeling some relief from anxiety and emotional stress that started hanging around in the late autumn of last year. This seems to have been the result of many factors, one of which involved the looming sense that factors beyond your control were taking over your life. This may have touched some deep insecurities you didn't think you had, or which you thought you got over long ago. In truth it was an opportunity to identify and resolve them, and to find a new level of self-confidence in the process. If your life is stressed now, it's over something entirely different: the need and desire to blaze forward, but some odd quality holding you to the past. I would ask whether that sense of being held to the past, particularly a personality structure that you've outgrown, is not really a calling to revolt within yourself and set yourself free of a couple of ideas that are no longer valid. Remember—no matter how you try, you cannot control how others see you. Lately you seem to have less influence than ever. Remember that when you're setting yourself free of your history.

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