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Hudson Valley homes are set in an ideally balanced location—it’s an easy commute to the city, but it’s also far enough away to enjoy nature and the outdoors. The cultural diversity of the Hudson Valley towns and cities complement the serene natural setting, with mountains, rivers, lakes, and trails. Local residents enjoy homes and properties that range from historic buildings to modern houses with innovative architecture and design. Hudson Valley real estate is sought after for its spacious, comfortable, and distinctive homes.


Indian Ridge Campground For Sale

Indian Ridge Campground goes on the market for $829K.

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Port of Call: Catskill Point Marina and Restaurant For Sale

Catskill Point Marina and Restaurant goes up for sale.

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Staycation at Buttermilk Falls: The Ultimate Antidote to Winter Blues

Sitting on banks of the Hudson River, Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa in Milton offers many attractions in one place.

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Artist Kelli Bickman's Vibrant Live/Work/Gallery Space in Saugerties

Reappropriating the three stories of a former Odd Fellows Temple, artist Kelli Bickman has created a vibrant live/work/gallery space.

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Deck Out Your Digs at These 9 Hudson Valley Home Goods Stores

A roundup of Hudson Valley home goods stores at a range price points, just in time for your spring refresh.

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6 Hudson Valley Resort Projects Under Development

While going to battle with town councils and local residents make large-scale development projects a length, arduous process, several Hudson Valley resort plans are moving forward in 2019. Here are five resortsto watch.

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Dope Design: The Emerging Dispensary Design Sector

Tomorrow's Marijuana Dispensaries are a Far Cry from Yesterday's Head Shops
Sleek medi-spa or shaggy stoner’s den? Chain pharmacy or psychedelic head shop? With the decriminalization of marijuana sweeping the Northeast, dispensaries are bound to be cropping up all over the place. And proprietors and interior designers are mapping out new territory in this emerging design sector. Since 2016, when medical marijuana became legal in New York, the state has been seen as “unusually restrictive,” according to The New York Times. The conditions qualifying users for medical permission number only 12. At this point, there are some 21 active dispensaries in the state. But that’s all about to change. The number of states that allow marijuana use is poised to go up in 2019 thanks in part to pro-legalization wins in the 2018 midterm elections. Among these most-likely-to states, according to Forbes, is New York, where Governor Andrew Cuomo went from calling pot a “gateway drug” to making pro-cannabis moves like creating a task force drafting legal cannabis legislation for 2019 and releasing a Health Department report that estimated legal marijuana sales of between $248.1 million and $677.7 million in revenues for the state in the first year (depending on tax and usage rates). The Governor called the end of marijuana prohibition one of his priorities for 2019. Herbal Remedy Once changes in the law take effect, opportunities will open for designers familiar with the regulations and strictures governing dispensary design. One of these is interior designer William Caligari, whose eponymous firm located in Great Barrington has worked on many residences, the Canyon Ranch spas in Lenox and Tucson, Arizona, and on Berkshire Roots, the first medical marijuana dispensary in the Berkshire County city of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. In the space—a former bowling alley, auto body shop, and Salvation Army store—Caligari wanted to create a feel that was less boutique and more Berkshires. That involved bringing in an outdoorsy vibe with soft green hues reminiscent of moss and trees, grass-style carpet, and sunset-orange chairs. “Our intent was to bring authenticity to the interior by drawing from the natural features of our region, as a means of promoting authenticity and professionalism in the business,” Caligari says. “An over-designed facility would have been out of place, out of scale, and not in keeping with the community’s identity as a working city.” Some of the dispensaries he researched were “a little flashy and super expensive to build out.” As with many retail projects, function was primary for Caligari. “Once we understand the functional needs and the budget, we gain an understanding of the aesthetic direction and build a concept,” he says. “In a commercial setting, everything needs to support the product and the brand; the public perception should be about the brand and the product, not an unrelated, cool interior design element.” He also considers traffic flow and durability of materials. Caligari used indigenous fieldstone. He combined that with painted shiplap walls, natural pine planks, and soft warm light (a perfect 2800 Kelvin). “The moss art elements are meant to convey the Berkshire landscape and the Berkshire hills, as well as the product,” he says. “It’s all totally relevant to the region.” That includes the parts of New England that were heavily industrial in the past. “I’ve always been enamored with the 19th-century brick mill buildings. My grandmother worked in one,” he says. “That’s where the design’s steel comes from, with the exposed Phillips head screws.” From Stoner Vibes to Professional Chic In some cases, a first-hand knowledge of the product is helpful to a designer. The aptly named Megan Stone was a legal medical marijuana user in 2006-7 when she was studying interior design in Southern California. She frequented a dispensary and she was offered a job in sales. “Within a matter of a couple shifts as a budtender and interacting both with the product and the clientele, it changed my entire perspective about who really uses cannabis and what it does, especially for people who are truly sick,” she says. “It was about changing perceptions.” The store’s owner let the budding designer and bud-ista do some store renovations. “I saw first-hand the impact that our attention to the environment had for customers,” she says. “It can feel so much more respected and it brought some integrity to this experience that people weren't finding anywhere else. That's when the light bulb went off and I was like ‘I want to design these sorts of businesses.’” The mustiness associated with this sector added to its appeal. “There's nothing in the world that needs a makeover more than cannabis,” she says. Instead of an atmosphere aimed at the “typical stoner,” she says she wanted one that was more professional. Seeing an underserved market in a growing industry, she started The High Road Design Studio in Tempe, Arizona, which has designed dispensaries in 10 states, and, soon [March], will became the proprietor of Royal Highness, a dispensary in Palm Desert, California. “Some of our best work has come from those states that had the most restrictive cannabis laws,” she says, “because that's really where the work is to be done as far as putting a new look on this industry and re-introducing this product into society as medicine and as a public health-positive instead of a drug for the stoners.” Is there enough work for designers to specialize in cannabis dispensary design? Even after legalization occurs, there’s a lag time. “Once a state passes a law, it takes some time before we as designers begin to see the work of it,” Stone says. “There's typically a rule-writing period and as people understand the rules, they have to go out and secure real estate locations and go through the application process for a license.” That’s the point at which she has usually been approached as a designer. Brand-Driven Design As with any retail environment, it’s all about the brand. When it comes to medical marijuana, it’s also about the law. “First and foremost, we have to start with the regulations of the market that the client is in,” Stone says. “Every state has them and even inside of the state, it can be very different from city to city as far as who can shop your store.” Restrictions vary widely. For example, Texas has a very restrictive medical marijuana program. Stone explains, “the three people who have licenses to have cannabis must be vertically integrated, meaning you must grow, manufacture, process, and sell the product.” Points of entry should be secure yet welcoming. There are “shrinkage” and employee theft to be dealt with, and labelling and education affect displays. The conditions that qualify users for medical marijuana also affect design choices, Stone says. Texas, for example, only allows medical pot (and only in the form of CBD oil) for intractable epilepsy. “So, for the near future, nobody is walking into my client's dispensary that doesn't suffer from epileptic seizures,” Stone says. “That right there dictates a lot about the environment we create. Compare that to a state like Arizona where you have medical cannabis, but there are about 90 licenses, so there's a decently robust program.” A common qualifying condition such as chronic pain usually spikes the number of qualified card carrying patients in the state. Therefore, the store might feel “more recreational” because it is designed for a larger segment of the population. “Zoning regulations around where you can put a dispensary are enormously crippling to what you can ultimately build,” she says. “It's very hard to make a very welcoming, beautiful upscale boutique if your city or county is forcing you to be zoned into an industrial area town.” “Our design focuses on telling the brand's story,” Stone says. “We really appreciate working with clients who have a strong vision, a strong direction, and are somewhat of a owner/operated entity because we really do an awesome job of finding what makes people authentic and special and creating that into a really inviting, exciting, comfortable, efficient environment so that can take many shapes depending on who that client is and how they inspire us.” With brick-and-mortar stores and malls closing nationwide, Stone says that cannabis, despite being such a specialized and niche market, is “something new in the retail landscape for people to get excited about.” ...

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Make, Thrift, Mend Founder Katrina Rodabaugh's Germantown Homestead

Seamstress, designer, and slow fashion-ista Katrina Rodabaugh tackles the renovation of a vintage Germantown farmhouse with the same creativity and craftiness she does her textile work.

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Element Interiors Founder Builds His Modernist Opus in Olivebridge

Designer Leslie Stephenson brings out the natural beauty of surroundings with his modernist designs. Moving to and designing in the Hudson Valley is the "cherry on the top" of this designer and builder's career.

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The Women Behind Catskill Farms

Meet Amanda Krupunich and Breanna Rodriguez: Sullivan County natives, Fashion Institute of Technology grads, millennials, best friends, and the engine that drives Catskill Farms.

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Tips for Designing the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Andy Guattery, General Manager at Michael's Appliance Center in Middletown, offers advice for designing

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Villa Vosilla Boutique Resort in Tannersville

A Cozy Basecamp for Your Next Hunter Mountain Adventure
Just minutes from the foot of Hunter Mountain, Villa Vosilla offers a world of comfort and fun unto itself. With a full spa, gym, and game rooms galore unwind after a long week of work or a highly focused day on the slopes.

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Designer Francis Rick Gillette's Ever-Evolving Hudson Loft

Gallerist, interior designer, and all-around aesthete Francis Rick Gilllette is a devotee of lasting beauty and constant reinvention. That dynamic tension is on display at his ever-changing live/work loft in Hudson.

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4 Places to Apply for Affordable Artist Housing in the Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley there are several buildings and organizations dedicated to creating artistic communities and providing creatives with live/work lofts at below-market rents. Here are four places accepting applications for affordable artist housing.

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Fabric-ator: 5 Upstate Textile Makers

A Local Source for Everything from Rugs to Tablerunners
o keep you snuggled up and happy all year long, we've rounded up 5 textile companies based in the Hudson Valley that sell everything from napkins to bedding to rugs in lush fabrics that far exceed our comfort quota.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Rug

Narrowsburg-Based Rug Designer Liza Phillips Gives the Dirt on Rugs
Sullivan County-based luxury rug designer Liza Phillips offers 5 nuggets of wisdom on how to pick the right rug to tie together your space.

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Rock & Roll Sanctuary: The Woodstock Home of Celebrity Photographer David McGough

Paparrazo David McGough documented rock n roll's coming of age in America. Now his Woodstock home is a shrine to art, music, and memorabilia.

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8 Holiday Gift Picks from Hudson Valley Shopkeepers

Home Goods for Homebodies
The owners of 8 home goods boutiques in the Hudson Valley share their favorite gifts for the 2018 holiday season.

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Horse Heaven: An 18th-Century Farmhouse and Equestrian Center in Clinton Corners

When Caroline Goodman-Thomases was a little girl, she dreamt of having a house where she could look out and see her horses grazing. The Clinton Corners property she bought and is fixing up with her partner James McKenna is that dream come true.

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Your Windows & Doors Just Got a Little Smarter

Marvin's Lock Status Sensor Technology Offers Peace of Mind
Marvin Windows and Doors’ long-anticipated Lock Status Sensor technology is now a reality, making them the only manufacturer who offers fully integrated, factory-prepped hardware that has no visible components to detract from beautiful windows and doors.

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Wool Carpeting for a Healthy Life

8 Advantages of Wool Carpeting
With its natural flame-retardant and antimicrobial properties, wool is a plush, sustainable and safe choice for indoor carpeting.

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Become a Champion of Outstanding Gardens

Join The Garden Conservancy Today
Gardens offer fresh air, relaxation, fun, exercise, inspiration, and beauty. Garrison-based nonprofit The Garden Conservancy is committed to saving and sharing America's outstanding gardens. Support their good work and get benefits by becoming a member.

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Tips for Growing Dahlia Flowers

Tim Steinhoff of Germantown Blooms offers tips for growing and storing Mexico’s exquisite national flower— the dahlia.

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Contractor Aaron Bollman’s Renovated House in Saugerties

Explore the classic cottage of Aaron Bollman in Saugerties.

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Clear Brook Farm: An Enchanting Catskills Compound

Plan your fall getaway at Clear Brook Farm.

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Halter Associates Realty: Kinder, Gentler Real Estate

When Lisa Halter started her own real estate agency in 2014, she did it with a clear mission—to open a "kinder, gentler real estate office." She brought over 15 years of experience in Hudson Valley real estate and a forward-looking approach to Halter Associates Realty. In just four years, the company has expanded to 27 agents. In addition to their empathetic, client-centric ethos, Halter agents leverage advanced digital marketing capabilities and hyper-local market knowledge to buy and sell faster and smarter. Halter's experience isn't limited to the realm of real estate. Prior to selling homes, she worked for over two decades in digital marketing and graphic design, earning awards for campaigns in London and New York City. That digital marketing edge and keen eye for design aided Halter in meeting the modern demands of clients once she broke into real estate. Halter has no plans to rest on her laurels now that Halter Associates is thriving. Her long-term goal "is to continue to grow and serve our community, and our agents, while maintaining an open line of communication with our buyers and sellers," she explains. Halter understands that buying or selling property often accompanies a major life change, which needs to be handled with care. "It's all about transitions in our lives, whether it's a household growing with the birth of a child or the death of a loved one," Halter says. "Although we are in sales, we need to be so much more for our clients, to help them through their life changes in a thoughtful and meaningful way." 433 Tongore Road, Kingston: A Marbletown Modern/Country Marvel Ulster County real estate is the bread and butter of Halter's business, and thanks to the area's abundance of natural beauty and charming towns, it's an easy sell. Marbletown is one such picturesque community. Situated less than 20 minutes from Kingston, Marbletown encompasses the hamlets of High Falls and Stone Ridge, known for their idyllic locales along the Esopus Creek, farm and flea markets, wellness centers, dreamy B&Bs, and Stone Ridge's Main Street Historic District. This country-meets-modern home is on a quiet country road just down the street from the Marbletown Town Park, with its pavillion, playground, and soccer fields. Originally built in the 1940s, the three-bedroom, two-bath cottage sits on 2.5 acres of land that's a slice of Zen-like paradise perfect for relaxation. The grounds include a brand-new heated, saline pool with a retractable cover, a six-person hot tub on a bluestone patio, a cedar outdoor shower, a koi pond, fire pit, and organic garden with raised beds. That's just outside. The 1,886-square-foot interior features a host of modernized amenities, including a custom kitchen with granite countertops, a butcher block prep island, stainless steel appliances, and a wine cooler cabinet. The open-concept floor plan smoothly combines kitchen, dining, and living areas, and is well-suited for entertaining, with cedar plank and hardwood floors throughout. The first floor includes an screened-in porch, as well as a laundry room and additional full bath. On the second floor, the master bedroom is an oasis within the home, separated from the rest of the rooms and adjoined by a private meditation room. All three of the home's bedrooms are bathed in sunlight from skylights and large windows. Throw open the sliding glass doors, step out on the wrap-around deck in full view of the new pool, and consider yourself at home. Listed at $659,000, this is a turnkey haven with every indoor and outdoor luxury you could want. Visit the Halter Realty Associates website for more information. ...

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Win Morrison Realty: A Legacy of Potential

Gravitas and Charm in Kingston
"Kingston is the best kept secret in New York State," declares the Hudson Valley's doyen of real estate, Win Morrison. He would know. As owner and founder of Win Morrison Realty, he has nearly 40 years of experience in the local real estate market. Since the '80s, his agency has thrived selling and developing properties in Ulster, Greene, Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, and Sullivan counties. Although Morrison has extensive expertise and experience throughout the region, with established offices in Kingston, Woodstock, Saugerties, Phoenicia and Catskill, he's chosen Kingston as his home base, both working and living in the historic Uptown district. "The restaurants, the theater, and the art in Kingston, as well as the surrounding areas, are really equal to none," he explains. The town's unique history as the state's first capital and its ties to the Hudson River add gravitas to the city's already plentiful charm. Having had a hand in the resurgence of Kingston over the past thirty years, Morrison knows its history—and its potential—like the back of his hand. He sees the entire city, from the quaint Stockade district all the way down to the working waterfront as ripe for investment. "The big positive has been the rejuvenation of Wall Street in Uptown, Broadway in Midtown, and the Rondout," he says. Morrison is especially proud of helping to spur the rejuvenation of the Stockade in Uptown, bringing investment and renewal from outside to polish a gem in Kingston's crown of neighborhoods. "Because of its historic value, we sold many of the buildings Uptown and were able to increase the value of the properties by finding buyers and investors outside of the area," he explains, adding that he also "sold just about everything that was on the waterfront" as well. Within a city of untapped potential, Morrison sees both the waterfront and north Kingston as particularly under-developed."The area between Kingston and east Kingston is prime for more high-end development," he surmises, and the river frontage formerly known as the Brickyard and Sailor's Cove are "prime, prime, prime locations." In fact, he says, "the Kingston waterfront is virgin territory." 53 Allison Court Kingston is also perfect for high-end contemporary residential development. Win Morrison Realty's listing at 53 Allison Court is a beautiful example of the area's affordable luxury. Located near the Hillside Acres section of Kingston, this private mini-estate has five bedrooms and three baths, soaring high ceilings, and wood floors. Sleek quartz and stainless steel finishes complete an open plan kitchen with modern appliances. Built in 2002 the property also features a pool, garden and cabana, exemplifying how Kingston offers unparalleled country living within a short drive of an vibrant urban arts, culture, and culinary scene. 53 North Front Street With a historic flair that typifies the Stockade district's character, this c.1900 flat-roofed building is a great example of the city's commercial potential. Ornate corniced eaves set off the roofline, with decorative windows and a street-level portico below. The three-story building is also well-positioned in the heart of Uptown's bustling shopping district to be at the forefront of the city's revival. The building's mixed-use format, with a restaurant, office, and storefront at street level and four apartments above, exemplifies the work-life balance most people strive to achieve. Morrison jokes, "In two more years, there's not going to be anybody left in Brooklyn, because they're all moving up here." Visit the Win Morrison Realty website for more information on these or other properties....

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Claim the Light You Deserve

An Intentional Selection of Windows Will Help You Live Inside Out
In the Northeast, homeowners have begun to embrace a new trend: living inside out. By inviting sunshine and warmth into your space and blurring the lines between the coziness of the interior and the nature beyond, you can reclaim the light you deserve. Intentional selection of personalized windows and doors is the key bringing the outdoors in and transforming your quality of life.

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This Is Us; Suffern

Mon., March 18, 6-8 p.m. — This Is Us will feature a panel of adoptees, adoptive parents, birth...
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Monday Night Songwriting Meetup with Lisa Markley

Mon., Feb. 4, 5:45-7 p.m., Mon., Feb. 11, 5:45-7 p.m., Mon., Feb. 18, 5:45-7 p.m., Mon., March 4, 5:45-7 p.m., Mon., March 11, 5:45-7 p.m., Mon., March 18, 5:45-7 p.m., Mon., April 1, 5:45-7 p.m., Mon., April 8, 5:45-7 p.m., Mon., April 15, 5:45-7 p.m., Mon., May 6, 5:45-7 p.m., Mon., May 13, 5:45-7 p.m. and Mon., May 20, 5:45-7 p.m. — 1st and 3rd Mondays: Teen Songwriting Meet-Up, 5:45-7pm, $28 per person 2nd...

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