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How to Eat like a Hudson Valley Foodstagrammer 

Last Updated: 08/07/2019 4:36 pm

Humans have been savoring decadent meals for centuries. In 2019, a good Instagram post is (for better or worse) almost as satisfying. It was only a matter of time before these two types of consumption were combined.

Recently, snapping a quick pic before you eat has become almost as much of a ritual as saying grace. While this “foodstagramming” phenomenon is worldwide, with accounts dedicated solely to aesthetic food pics easily netting hundreds of thousands of followers, we wanted to see what it was like foodstagramming right here in the Hudson Valley

We’ve talked to some of the most prolific local foodie instagram accounts to see what it’s like to wine, dine, and filter up and down the Hudson River. They had some insights on what they look for, where to go, and, of course, how to get the perfect food porn shot. 

@Crispy_Business - 518 followers

Megan Stacklum who runs the account @cripy_business says:

It's always good to have a game plan. Often, I've studied the menu well ahead of my arrival. I typically gravitate towards menu items with my favorite ingredients, anything with truffles is a 'must order.'

Bringing the magic to Instagram:
Portrait Mode on iPhone is my best friend. It helps to focus in on textures, colors, and other small details. I sometimes use the Lightroom App when lighting is insufficient, to make colors more vibrant.

My goal with this account was to share my foodie adventures. I never set out to criticize, only to spread the enjoyment of food!"

Recommended spot: Rossi's Deli - It's authentic, like going to Grandma's house. Can't go wrong with chicken cutlets and fresh mozz on homemade focaccia. 

@Hudson_Hotspots - 2,039 followers

Kerri-Ann Seredinsky who runs the account @hudson_hotspots says:

With the intention of using it as a platform for artistic expression and keepsake, I quickly realized that there was potential to reach a growing community of like-minded individuals such as myself who loved all things food and travel related. Soon I began to push that content to additional social channels including Facebook and Twitter to reach more community members. It’s my hope that I’m able to continue to grow an audience on these platforms and create a digital space for stories to be shared.

Bringing the magic to Instagram:

Color: Some of the best photographs I've taken and shared have been ones that contain bright, eye-popping colors and colors that compliment each other. I think this helps to set the scene and experience as a whole, rather than just focusing on the food item itself.

I look at my shared travels as encapsulating more than just a taste of what’s on my plate (although that is a necessity), but rather an entire experience. I frequently will write posts on my website when the location provides more than just a good meal, but an experience that resonated with me and one worth sharing to others.

Recommended spot: Boxer Donuts & Espresso Bar in Nyack - I stumbled upon the cute shop as I was exploring the village of Nyack and fell in love with the atmosphere and people. Decided I wanted to share with others so I’ve dedicated a whole post to this tiny coffee shop in the village of Nyack.

@I_on_the_valley - 11.4k followers

Irene Young Wallace who runs the account @i_on_the_valley says:

The eateries I choose show the passion of their chefs and I want to share that with my audience. When I choose a dish, I will ask the chef, manager or the server what item they showcase on the menu or for which they are known. I also seek out unique menu items and eateries.

Bringing the magic to Instagram:

It is important to have options when posting to Instagram or to my website I also move the dishes around the room incorporating the interior of the restaurant or the outdoor view it may have as to create contrast and stimulate interest. Lighting is critical in photography and I always bring a special portable light to illuminate the subject. 

Most of my photographs are taken on an iPhone. I will then take my time using several different photo editing apps to edit. I will create several different versions until I choose the best photo. I want the photo to grab the attention of the viewer so that they want them to learn more about the food itself and the restaurant.

My keys are take your time, set up your photo, and always choose interesting subjects. And then enjoy your food!

Recommended spot: Eugene’s Diner in Port Chester is a trip back to the 1970s. Chef David DiBari has created a 1970s diner/bar filled with retro inspired dishes. Paneling on the walls, harvest gold booths and 70s era decor fill this new restaurant. Fun dishes such as Rotisserie Spam and a 13-inch hotdog are fun and great to photograph. 

@Breakfastatetiffany - 20.2k followers

Tiffany Stacy who runs the account @breakfastatetiffany says:

One of the best opportunities being a foodstgrammer has afforded me is just having a platform to connect with other like-minded and talented people that I wouldn’t have otherwise...Since the entire purpose of his dinners is to bring people together for meaningful conversation over beautiful food.

One thing you will often see pop up on my feed is ice cream. It’s a serious weakness of mine, especially from Penny Lick in Hastings. When shooting an ice cream cone I’m pretty much always going with this angle- straight on. I typically seek out a white wall or background for a shot like this to help it really pop. I love that you can see the swirls in the honeycomb scoop. I always try to create shots that aren’t too busy looking.

For me, simple is what’s best.

Recommended spot: Obviously, it's Penny Licks in Hastings.

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