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Indivisible: The Relationship Within 

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One question going around is, how do we have a sustained political movement? I would ask: What would it take to move you?

We tend to think of large numbers of people when we think of a movement. Yet it's really a bunch of individuals, and you are one of them. What would it take to move you, not just to action, but to change your mind, to open your heart, or to make some important personal decision and take action on it?

People who feel paralyzed are, in a sense, unmovable. Paralysis involves a numbing-out of feeling. The opposite of that would be tuning into your senses, and wiggling your fingers and your toes. Then you get up and walk. What would it take for you to actually feel the struggle of what is going on in society? What would it take to get you to respond?

One thing that seems to have had a jump-start is the women's movement. We all have a right to be angry about the Huckster's treatment of women, his bragging about sexual assault, how he talks about female people, and what he's teaching the young ones about right and wrong. The parallel question is, how do you treat women? Do you have any inherent bias, and can you talk about it?

Can you admit your struggle? If you're a woman, I would ask: How do you treat men, as a matter of personal policy? Have you detected any sexism in yourself? Do you consider it okay because you're "correct" or because you think the patriarchy is a bad thing? Does that make men bad?

Your Inner Lover

Venus is about to be retrograde in Aries. This is an image of the inner lover. The concept of being one's own lover, and one's own friend and partner, is negated by the obsession that our society places on the "special relationship."

The special relationship is based on the idea that someone else can complete you. Even if you were incomplete, nobody outside yourself would be able to make you whole. You have to do that for yourself. One of the main reasons that people find relationships so unfulfilling is that they are coming from a place of emptiness inside.

This emptiness leads people to do all kinds of insane, mean, desperate things, including resenting those who would help them. To some extent we all have a touch of this. Buddhism calls it the hungry ghost. Yet you're not doomed to be a victim of this problem.

Venus retrograde is a reminder to take the concept of relationship into yourself. You must be the source of love that you want. You must be able to receive your own love, or you won't be able to receive that of anyone else. How could you? And if you don't genuinely love and respect yourself, how can you love and respect another person?

To not love oneself is to be divided against oneself. This makes a person vulnerable to attack. A society of people divided against themselves is easy to divide against one another. If we want to unite against darkness, greed, anger, and misery, this is where we must begin. The work of politics and the quest for personal wholeness are the same thing.

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