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The Hudson Valley is a great place to be a kid, and an equally great place to raise one. Chronogram Kids & Family addresses the wide range of complex issues affecting parents today, in the Hudson Valley and beyond. In addition to covering family-related content, it's the place to go when looking for something to do, whether your family wants a cultural Upstate New York experience, a Hudson River Valley town kid-friendly (and delicious) place to eat, or just a fun playground.

Education Almanac

2017 Education Almanac

Schools and other educational programming in the Hudson Valley offer our young citizens a quality education in a great setting. From writing workshops and college prep to experiences outside of the classroom, the region’s educational offerings set your children up for success.

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The Summer Glide

How the First World Spends its Summers
Hillary Harvey compares European attitudes toward schooling and vacation.

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Geeking Out: A Peek at the Passions of Hudson Valley Kids

We asked kids ages 10 to 17 from all around the region to show us what they get nerdy about. It's a peek at where the passions of Hudson Valley kids lie.

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Insane Inflatable 5K

The world's largest obstacle course returns with the Insane Inflatable 5K.

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Hudson Valley Parenting

The Hudson Valley is filled with great resources for parents, from cloth-diaper classes to discussion groups for first-time mothers. Parents in the Hudson Valley region are interested in important issues and debates, such as home births and developmental disorders. Chronogram Kids & Family supports the creative and cultural lives of kids and parents alike.

Hudson Valley Family-Friendly Events

The Hudson Valley offers a variety of fun family-friendly things to do, see, and experience. Whether you’re looking for an educational summer camp, a kid-friendly restaurant, or a cultural community event, there are so many different ways to enjoy the Hudson Valley with your family. Explore our directories and recommendations to find something the whole family will enjoy, whether art, music, food, or wellness-related.