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Mars Conjunct Chiron, as Venus Spawns Toward Neptune 

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Venus and Mars continue to make interesting patterns. Both planets are in Pisces, in dialogs with other much larger planets. When that happens the first message is to keep a sense of scale and of proportion. Then, stay in your feelings. There is plenty of pent-up passion, creativity, love and eros swimming around both cosmos and psyche right now.

I'll cover Venus first, then Mars. Then I've got a message from Mercury. The action is focused on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Venus is newly in Pisces. Venus loves loves loves Pisces, which is natural territory for her, and a place of creativity and sensuality. Venus is making two aspects -- square to Saturn in Sagittarius, and then approaching a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces (which happens about once a year). This translates to, "It will be worth working through any resistance you feel, to get to the thing you want." That thing is not really a thing; it's a state of mind.

No, not a state of mind, an emotional space, of total bliss. You may be wondering if that is possible in Western society. It is, for a while, if you want it. You cannot really plan this but you can swim toward the feeling, toward what seems like some place of origin. Follow your intuition on this one, and apply the minimum energy needed to move through any resistance. It will be worth it!

You may think you have to be realistic to get the rewards of this conjunction but you would be better off being wildly idealistic and allowing yourself to visualize and attract who or what you want the most. Looked at one way, Venus-Neputne is total submission, but it's also about releasing the irresistible attractiveness that you contain.

Meanwhile, another conjunction is developing in Pisces -- Mars and Chiron. This one happens once every two years. As if Venus and Neptune were not enough Pisces (they are plenty) we have Mars and Chiron pulsing through the cosmic headwaters. The message here is, allow yourself to desire actively, boldly and directly. In a sense it's the opposite energy of Venus-Neptune. Mars-Chiron is the power of conscious will directed toward specific desires or destinations. Remember, you have this option.

Which mode do you choose, between the two? Whatever feels best; whatever is best suited for your situation; whatever seems more fun. Experiment and see what gets things flowing. Remember that there is something similar that active desire and passive desire have in common, which is desire itself. Both are conducting themselves through Pisces, which always has a touch of the otherworldly, the invisible and the soaking, penetrating quality of unstoppable eros.

This energy wants to be felt, expressed and most of all, experimented with. Give yourself permission, use your power of visualization, and see and feel what you want and imagine how it will feel to have whatever that might be.

Last, Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius until Feb. 11. This is THE astrology of do it your way, feel your own inner pulse, follow that beat and do not worry about what anyone else might think about you. Embrace your own point of view and keep moving. Nothing can stop Mercury retrograde.

Some words of Pete Townshend come to mind. Here is the music, too.

Only love can make it rain

The way the beach is kissed by the sea
Only love can make it rain
Like the sweat of lovers layin' in the fields

Love, reign o'er me
Love, reign o'er me

Rain on me, rain on me

Speaking of...

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