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Mercury in Libra, Through the Maze 

click to enlarge Jonah, with Virgo Sun-Moon, uses "The Moment of Astrology" by Geoff Cornelius as a pillow. - BETH BAGNER
  • Beth Bagner
  • Jonah, with Virgo Sun-Moon, uses "The Moment of Astrology" by Geoff Cornelius as a pillow.

If this past week wasn't an exercise in anger management (or stress management) with Mars making a square to Saturn, consider yourself fortunate. While this astrology presented a diversity of emotional challenges and may have offered some back-handed progress, I would propose sending out a big rousing 'amen' for the fact that the US didn't start bombing Syria, dragging Iran and Russia into another phase of endless war.

Mercury in Libra takes the lead through the weekend. Monday, Mercury reached Libra (representing news about diplomacy). That put it on course for the often-mentioned Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto configuration (sometimes called the Uranus-Pluto square, now with Jupiter in the mix). Located in Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, that's a cardinal-sign T-square that's been setting the tone of the times we're living through.

Each week we live through a month of news or personal movement, remember that alignment. Every day that feels like everything, all at once, you know what to look to for information.

Libra is the open end the square. It's the one cardinal sign without a (well-known or traditionally used) slow-mover present. (There is a not so well known slow-mover there, called Typhon, a strange object discovered orbiting our Sun in 2002.)

On a fairly regular basis something we recognize passes through Libra and completes the square—and currently that something is Mercury. Recently it was Venus; soon it will be the Sun. For now, it's Mercury. Though my astrology tends to depend on the slow-movers for its emphasis, I've noticed that Mercury is a planet of truly extraordinary influence—underrated by most astrologers.

Its influence may come from that fact that we live in a time where nearly everything we do falls under a Mercury rulership—all of our gadgets, everything say with them, this ocean of 'communication' that we live in, all of it is thematically connected to Mercury.

But Mercury is more than the means of delivery, such as the device or the printing press—it's also the message itself. And going closer to the source, it's also the awareness that conjures the thought—borrowing from the Gita, "the mind of the senses, the consciousness of creatures."

Libra is the sign of beauty, justice, balance, and fairness. I suggest you make sure these things are ingredients in whatever you do.

For the next few days, Mercury is passing through one of the most powerful aspect patterns of our lifetimes. Putting things into context, in my opinion the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto-Typhon alignment is up there with the top five most influential patterns of the past 50 years (two others took place from 1989-1991, and 2001-2002).

And now the 'mind of the senses' is about to jump into the fray. You may experience your thoughts going deeper, getting weirder, being more focused or more creative in unexpected ways. This aspect pattern has a touch of Tim Leary and Ram Dass to it—it's the kind of thing that can change your perspective on life, and indeed can change you.

It's a time to respect the power of ideas, something that's too-rarely done, especially in our age of disposable thought. It's a time to be real with yourself and real with others; it's a time to recognize the importance of beginnings, endings and points of decision.

As this develops, the Moon waxes toward full phase in Pisces—the Full Moon is on September 19. That may come with a sense of gathering momentum, flashes of insight and maybe a touch of clairvoyance. You might be more sensitive, reactive or intuitive. You may find yourself up at night, which would be a time to use creatively rather than tossing and turning.

Yes, it may be a restless moment, and also a profoundly meaningful one, when real breakthroughs and turning points are possible.

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