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Chronogram publishes sections covering local, national, and environmental news, including columns from Larry Beinhart, Brian Mahoney, and Jason Stern. From the Hudson Valley and beyond, check out our take on news and politics.


Editor's Note: Found in the Supermarket | August 2020

Chronogram's editorial director Brian K Mahoney reminisces about the simple happiness and sanctuary that a Milton Glaser designed supermarket gave him.

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What Does It Mean to Defund the Police?

A talk with Alex Vitale, author of The End of Policing, on alternatives to our current police framework.

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Activism/Advocacy Winners

The 2020 Chronogrammies winners in the Activism/Advocacy category.

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Advocate/Activist Spotlight: Food Bank of the Hudson Valley

A spotlight on Food Bank of the Hudson Valley, Chronogrammies winner in the Advocate/Activist category.

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Editor's Note: Comforting Myths | July 2020

Chronogram's editorial director Brian K Mahoney on the recent movement caused by systemic flaws effecting the black community.

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Pause, Pivot, Reimagine

Now is the time to follow through on ideas we’ve had for years but not acted on.

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Basic Income Guarantee: A Pilot in Hudson

A pilot program in Hudson associated with Andrew Yang’s nonprofit is going to give away free money.

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Remote Work: A Home-Based Climate Solution

The benefits of remote work extend beyond workers and employers to the environment.

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Free Stimulus for the Hudson Valley

The community economics visionary explains how to move our money from Wall Street to Main Street.

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How to Join the Antiracist Future in the Hudson Valley

White people must turn listen to the pleas of Black and non-Black people of color.

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Who Watches the Watchmen?

The repeal of 50-A, which concealed police records from the public, was just the start of reform.

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Statues of Limitation: The Commemorative Justice Movement

Monuments in Academy Green Park in Kingston spark a call for commemorative justice.

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Why Abolish the Police?

All the nonabolitionist reforms to policing have failed. What about neighborhood pods instead?

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Just Transition

The Good Work Institute believes the way forward is by aligning around a clear framework of values.

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Taking Back the Streets

Between March 5 and May 31, 260 cities on six continents had expanded municipal public space.

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Fossil Fuels on the Brink

The renewables sector has shown that it can be an engine of well-paid, community-based jobs.

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Threshold Moment: Q&A with Ned Sullivan of Scenic Hudson

Scenic Hudson’s initiatives across the region present a model for collaborative engagement.

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The Kingston Monument Project

A Community Organizer on Replacing the Monuments in Our Public Spaces
The commemorative justice movement pushes communities to reevaluate the narrative they project through the monuments and statues on display in public spaces. Locally, community organizer Frances Cathryn has launched the Kingston Monument Project, which is rallying for the removal of the three statues Academy Green, a public park, which are collectively: a colonizer, a slaveowner, and a vocal anti-Semite.

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Resources for Racial Justice in the Hudson Valley

9 Ways to Get Educated and Get Involved Locally
Some educational and advocacy resources for getting educated and involved in racial justice in the Hudson Valley.

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Editor's Note: Up the River | June 2020

Chronogram's editorial director Brian K Mahoney on the appeal of Amazon and the need to cancel your Prime account to save local businesses.

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Hudson Valley Funeral Homes and Cemeteries Try to Adapt to the New Normal

How COVID-19 is affecting the death care industry and how we grieve
Funeral homes and cemeteries in the Hudson have been hit hard by the pandemic as more and more victims are sent up state from New York City to be buried or cremated. Strict guidelines involving funerals and ceremonies has also had its impact on people who have lost loved ones to the virus.

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Hudson Valley College Town Economies Struggle to Adapt During Students’ Absence

Hudson Valley college towns are reeling without students' spending power since the advent of distance learning. As they struggle to rely on local residents, counties await Governor Andrew Cuomo's directives to slowly reopen their economies and save struggling small businesses.

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Resilience: Ulster County Pays Local Restaurants to Provide Meals for Those in Need

Project Resilience is a community fund and local food distribution effort to assist residents as well as give support to local businesses impacted by COVID-19. What started with a dozen restaurants now boasts a roster of almost 130 local businesses providing meals to their communities. Ulster residents requesting assistance are given three meals a week for as long as they need meal assistance during the pandemic.

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Editor's Note: Quaranta | May 2020

Chronogram's editorial director Brian K Mahoney makes comparisons to past pandemics and discovers little difference between now and then.

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Hudson Valley Food Pantries Feed Growing Need

Demand for Food Assistance Programs Continues to Rise as COVID-19 Tightens its Stronghold on America
Food banks across the country are experiencing an unprecedented surge in those seeking food assistance amid the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis. With a skyrocketing demand for food assistance, food banks operating with limited staff, budget, and resources have had to scramble to continue to serve their communities.

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HV Jails, Correctional Facilities Implement COVID-19 Plans Amid Growing Concerns for Inmates

Public officials across the country have stressed the importance of social distancing and hygiene to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. This is nearly impossible for inmates in jails, prisons, and correctional facilities who are the mercy of how correctional officials decide to protect them against the virus. Read what Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, and Westchester Count Jails and state-run correctional facilities' action plans for the pandemic.

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SUNY New Paltz Uses 3D Printers to Produce Face Shields for Medical Workers

HVAMC Pitches in to Aid in the Production of PPE
SUNY New Paltz’s HVAMC becomes the latest to aid in the production of supplies for medical professionals on the front lines battling the coronavirus.

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Editor's Note: Day of the Hug | April 2020

Chronogram's editorial director Brian K Mahoney calls for more physical interaction in a post-coronavirus world.

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COVID-19 and its Effect on Upcoming New York State Elections

As the virus continues to disrupt daily life in New York and across the globe, uncertainty forces lawmakers to come up with an alternative voting plan for upcoming elections in April, June, and possibly November.

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Coronavirus: A Nearly Perfect Weapon Against Local Media

The coronavirus is the biggest story many publications will ever cover. And for many local publications, it may also be the last.

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How to Help Local Animal Shelters During the COVID-19 Outbreak

In times of crisis like this COVID-19 outbreak, animal shelters are put under extra pressure and donations decrease and animal surrenders in crease. We spoke with the executive director of the Ulster County SPCA to find out some of the ways we can help both sheltered animals and our own pets during this pandemic.

Tags: Community Notebook

Repairs in Kerhonkson Highlight Water Infrastructure Problems

While not as bad as other rural water districts across America, some of the region’s local water systems are degrading.
A multimillion-dollar repair project in the Ulster County hamlet of Kerhonkson, NY spotlights the quiet water infrastructure crisis that upstate New York, and much of the country, is headed toward.

Tags: Environment

How the US-China Trade War Affected Hudson Valley Farmers

Farmers in New York were better positioned than many farmers elsewhere in the country after President Trump’s tariffs on China.
We take a look at how the months-long trade standoff between the US and China has affected and will continue to affect small farms in upstate New York.

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Editor's Note: The New Neighbors | March 2020

Chronogram's editorial director Brian K Mahoney introduces us to his new neighbor, Johnny.

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The Equitable Internet Initiative Comes to Kingston

Radio Kingston and Community Tech NY Team Up to Bring Low-Cost Internet to the City
In 2014, the Detroit Community Technology Project (DCTP) pioneered a new telecom-independent internet model, running its own infrastructure to provide low-cost internet in urban Detroit neighborhoods. The movement that grew out of this, the Equitable Internet Initiative, now comes to Kingston, where local philanthropic station Radio Kingston and Community Tech NY team up to provide an affordable alternative to Spectrum broadband.

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Despite being a local publication, Chronogram has four features addressing issues of national importance. In Chronogram’s While You Were Sleeping section, we recap national and international news stories that may have passed you by, focusing on the weird and wacky. Every month we also feature columns from Chronogram publisher Jason Stern, editor Brian Mahoney, and Body Politic columnist Larry Beinhart. Beinhart focuses on hard news, routinely writing left-leaning opinion pieces on the top stories of the month. Mahoney touches on similar issues in his Editor’s Note columns, frequently tying current events to literature and the arts. Stern’s column addresses more philosophical issues, asking questions like, “Does power corrupt?” and “What does it mean to lead a successful life?”

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Chronogram features extensive coverage of the Hudson Valley’s local news, focusing on the people, stories, and events shaping politics in our area. The Community Notebook section includes event descriptions, investigative pieces, and Local Luminary features. Local Luminary stories contain interviews with major figures in our community, including educators, politicians, and those in the arts.

Environmental Issues

Chronogram has several sections detailing issues involving the Hudson Valley’s ecology. Being at the very center of our valley, the Hudson River has naturally also been the center of our area’s environmental movement. Led by Pete Seeger and the Clearwater organization, there has been great progress in cleaning the river once, and too often still, considered a garbage dump. The debate over whether New York should practice hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has also been a top environmental concern over recent year. As governor Cuomo continues to decide on whether to allow the practice, a recurring segment, Frack Watch, monitors the debate.