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Editor's Note: Content Never Sleeps | January 2020

Chronogram's editorial director Brian K Mahoney revisits his favorite articles published in 2019.

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Food for Thought: The Future of Free Lunch in Hudson Valley Schools

As planned cuts to the national social safety net threaten the USDA’s universal free cafeteria meal program, we look at how this might affect Hudson Valley school districts.

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Editor's Note: Holiday Orphans | December 2019

Our editor Brian Mahoney shares several stories of Thanksgivings and Christmases celebrated with family and strangers.

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The Good Fighter: Malcolm Nance on the Heels of His Latest Book

Twenty-year Navy veteran, counterterrorism expert, and Columbia County resident Malcolm Nance releases his latest book, The Plot to Betray America.

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With Their Powers Combined

Clarkson Teams Up with SUNY ESF for Healthier NYS Waterways
Clarkson University, in partnership with SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF), is raising funds to expand the research and education facilities at the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries on Denning’s Point as part of their work as a New York State Center of Excellence in Healthy Water Solutions.

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Malcolm Nance Gets Ready to Drop The Plot to Betray America

On November 12, counterterrorist and intelligence specialist Malcolm Nance will release his latest book, The Plot to Betray America, detailing evidence he's gathered on the Trump campaign's collusion with Russia. Ahead of the release, he speaks at Helsinki Hudson on 11/10.

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Editor's Note: Off Somewhere | November 2019

Our editor Brian Mahoney discusses his experiences with deer, their culling, their death and seeing deceased animals on the side of roads.

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A Helping Hand: The Champions of Immigrant Advocacy in the Hudson Valley

Amidst a fraught reality of immigrant detention, deportation, and political bullying, several community leaders in the Hudson Valley are fighting back against federal policies targeting immigrants.

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Play For Your Freedom: A Hudson Valley Non-Profit Bringing Wellness, Joy, and Support to Veterans

Since the organization’s founding in 2014, Play For Your Freedom has expanded its resources to 15 different hospitals and eight different states. Since the first ones were held in 2016, the organization has hosted more than 4,000 veterans at their wellness workshops.

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Editor's Note: K, bye

Our acting editor Marie Doyon says goodbye, but not before leaving a memorable Chronogram edition.

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Infamous Hudson Valley Murders for Local True Crime Buffs

Despite the many incredible writers out there that spin fictional tales of horror (Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, or Peter Straub, anyone?), sometimes real stories of crime and murder are just as—if not more—terrifying. These true-life murders happened right here in the Hudson Valley, and they’re sure to have you looking over your shoulder and locking your doors.

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Space Race: Hudson Valley Cities Test Models of Inclusive Community Development

With the specter of gentrification looming large, Hudson Valley cities are testing models of inclusive development.

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Maloney and Delgado Back Trump Impeachment Over Ukraine Charges

The two swing-district Representatives announced their support for impeaching President Trump. Hours later, Speaker Pelosi announced formal impeachment proceedings.
The two swing-district Representatives announced their support for impeaching President Trump. Hours later, Speaker Pelosi announced formal impeachment proceedings.

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Food for Your Soul: The Many Benefits of Volunteering for Nonprofits in the Hudson Valley

Between the stresses of work and life, finding the time to give back to your community can be difficult. Yet, the many benefits of taking time to volunteer with non-profit organizations absolutely warrant the time, energy, and resources. Gary M. Schuster, a partner at Walden-based firm Jacobowitz & Gubits, is a member of and represents several different nonprofits, and serves on the board of three—with extensive experience supporting their work in the fields of economic development, health and human services, arts and culture, education, animal welfare, social clubs, sports, veterans causes, and more. Through his personal experiences, Schuster shared his insights on the fun, validating, and uplifting work folks can do when they share their talents and skills with a nonprofit and why it matters.  First off, it can improve your personal and professional development. Volunteering can improve both your personal and work life, all in one swoop. Schuster says that through his work at various nonprofits, he’s met a number of friends and made valuable connections. After all, what can bond folks better than working together with their neighbors and fellow community members toward a shared noble goal? "It's good for networking. A wide variety of people work at and with nonprofits, and you can make professional connections," Schuster says. "Don’t expect to join a board of directors right away. You will be serving on a committee for a while, volunteering, so that they get to know you and you get to know them," " Volunteering can also be good for developing any raw skills that you may have, offering you real world experience that can prove invaluable. It supports the local economy. Being a part of a nonprofit can also benefit the Hudson Valley’s economy. According to Schuster, nonprofits make up some of the region’s largest employers (with more than 900 nonprofits operating in Orange County, alone). Volunteering for a nonprofit and giving the support they need to grow can boost its ability to hire employees and do more of their impactful, community-minded work. Ultimately, it can give you an outlet for something you’re already passionate about. Volunteering, above everything, should be fun and fulfilling for you to do. Whether you want to be involved at an animal shelter, conservation of parks, theater, etc, volunteering allows you to put your time, energy, and passion behind a cause that means something to you and your community. “It should be fun,” Schuster says. “A lot of people have their career and then they go and work for nonprofits because that’s their passion” ...

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The bizarre far-right candidacy of Mike Roth, self-styled "King of Ulster"

From calling detractors on social media “nazis” to operating a fantasy kingdom to scamming people by claiming to help refugees, Roth is having an extremely normal one.
From calling detractors on social media “nazis” to operating a fantasy kingdom to scamming people by claiming to help refugees, Roth is having an extremely normal one.

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Geysers of Power: Understanding Psychedelics and Perspective

Editorial Director Marie Doyon shares her experience with psychedelic mushrooms—and how a "good trip" can do wonders for healing and clarity rather than just for partying.

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The Hudson Valley's Environmental Activism: Past, Present, and Future

The Hudson Valley has a long history of fighting against corporate entities to protect the region’s rich natural resources. A look at this legacy and the current battlefront.

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Three Republicans Have Filed to Challenge Antonio Delgado in 2020

A look at the candidacies of Anthony German, Ola Hawatmeh, and Mike Roth.
A look at the candidacies of Anthony German, Ola Hawatmeh, and Mike Roth.

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Feeding the Community: The Work of Hudson Valley Food Pantries

For some Hudson Valley residents, eating is all about choice. Unfortunately the choice is whether or not to pay their rent or buy food to feed their families. Thankfully, there are many food pantries in the Hudson Valley that can make the choice a little easier for these hungry residents.

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Editor's Note: Back from Paradise

In some ways, Grey Fox Music Festival can be seen as an alternative model to our current world—a sweet, self-contained social experiment (punctuated by world-class Bluegrass performances) where we're all a bit kinder.

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Letter to the Editor | August 2019

Readers share their views/opinion on articles from previous issues.

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Op Ed | Natural Selection

Donna Minkowitz on the importance of conserving land for all people and the need for proper legislation to protect the accessibility and integrity of the Hudson Valley.

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What Undocumented Americans and U.S. Citizens Should Know About Immigration Rights

A list of the rights you have in the case of an encounter with ICE, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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The State Of Sex Education in New York

Only 24 states plus Washington, DC mandate sex education in public schools, according to the Guttmacher Institute: New York is not one of them. Our state does mandate HIV education, but there's no requirement that what is taught be medically accurate or culturally appropriate.

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