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Pere Ubu | BSP Kingston | November 10

Peter Aaron Nov 1, 2017 1:00 AM

November 10. Pere Ubu's music sounded like it was from the future when their first single appeared in 1975. Forty-two years later, that's still the case for these Cleveland-born legends, who here make their area debut at BSP. With singer David Thomas as the sole constant member, the group has been identified with first-wave punk, but in actuality Ubu's "avant-garage"—an alchemical melange of 1960s surf and garage rock, experimental jazz, psychedelia, musique concrete, krautrock, abstract blues, performance art, and palpable Rust Belt essence—always set them far apart from their early contemporaries. Sonic Youth, the Pixies, Gang of Four, and countless others have cited their influence. With the Young Skulls. (Big Mean Sound Machine play rough November 4; This Will Destroy You wreck it November 13.) 7:30pm. $25. Kingston. (845) 481-5158;