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Planet Waves Horoscopes: March 2010 

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LEO (July 22-August 23)
Through the winter you’ve been focused on some close-to-home, practical matters: emotional, mental, inner stuff based on simple necessity. Over the next few weeks, your orientation shifts rapidly, seemingly to bigger dreams and a bolder vision, but in truth a new alignment with yourself. This involves Mars stationing direct in Leo—to be precise, in the first degree of Leo—and over the next two months Mars will move clear through your sign. You’re likely to feel a lot of fiery motivation to achieve many things at once. I suggest you take this process one goal at a time, starting with modest ones, one day at a time, and keep sight of your earlier set of priorities involving your inner work. You have an opportunity to define an objective, then align your energy with it. Think of this like standing straight and aligning your spine; only it’s with energy. As you do this, bear in mind what’s drawing you toward the future. Something is, but you may think you don’t know. You do know, and so do the people around you. Don’t keep this secret from yourself. This is not the time to indulge yourself in mystery; there is plenty of that in life, if it’s what you want. You will be stronger and have more access to your motivation if you move with conscious awareness of your inner truth.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)
To what extent do you allow others to define who you are? And if you’re the one doing the allowing, isn’t this a kind of a farce? You don’t need to negotiate for your identity. This includes with yourself. You don’t need to get it back from anyone who has it. You don’t need to “look for your identity in others,” though you can use them as a foil, as a barometer, or as a reality check. Looking at your charts this month, a theme stands out boldly, which is the abject fear—I could use much stronger words, but I will not—of losing yourself in another. This might be the fear of being possessed by another, the fear of having someone else control you, or of making a commitment that you cannot get out of and which compromises your freedom. Yet, closer to home is the fear that you have to seek yourself in another; that somehow, you cannot find yourself without the benefit of a relationship. Imagine the challenge you might face with boundaries in any relationship, or in any committed situation, if you have any of these beliefs working silently in the background, in effect undermining your right to exist. In my reading, the planets say thus: Notice what feels missing within yourself. Rather than ask where it went, ask how it could have gone anywhere at all.

LIBRA (September 22-October 23)
The revolution in your relationships begins right about now. While it would be difficult to overstate the case of what is brewing and shaking in your personal affairs, I have been doing my best to explain the process more in the style of water than of fire. Be aware of a potential stress point within yourself, which is the tension between changing and staying the same. You may not be feeling it yet in such vivid terms. Yet, beginning this month, as planets, and I do mean Planets, begin to move into your opposite sign Aries, the energy is going to mount. You will be looking at options you never dreamed of. Well, sorry for underestimating you. You may have dreamed of them, but are unlikely to have thought you might actually be handed the options. In the external world, this could represent literally any creative potential in any relationship, any invention, any incredible meeting. Internally, you have two main choices: resist at all costs, or choose. Resistance is likely to come in the form of a high-energy struggle with making a decision; conscious choice will arrive with a feeling of your own influence in your own lifeflow. I say this wellversed in all the various (mostly true) prejudices about Libra and decision making. I can assure you of this: No prejudice can substitute for your full and conscious presence in the moment.


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