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Planet Waves Horoscopes: March 2010 

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SCORPIO (October 23-November 22)
This is one of those months wherein you’re likely to have an overwhelming amount of stuff to do. However, among the many things that are not predestined is what you choose to do with your time and energy. Another is what basis you would use to decide. The important thing to remember is that you decide. To the extent that you’re feeling a calling to leadership, it’s the leadership of making decisions, particularly about your most meaningful goals. You do not merely seek activity; so far as I can tell, you seek a connection to existence on the level of purpose. Moreover, your “identity” must be connected to that purpose, and that purpose to an expression of your identity. Get rid of any lingering abstract notions; you came here to do what you came here to do, and nothing less. The “activity” angle of your chart comes under increasing focus as the spring unfolds. This is fiery energy, which resonates deeply with you because your sign’s connected to the original arsonist of astrology, Mars. This moment in your life is offering you many unique pleasures, but you’ll miss the point if you feel like you’re being pushed beyond your limits. I’m reminded of some words written by a very young Allen Ginsberg: “Only return of thought to / its source will complete thought. / Only return of activity / to its source will complete /activity.” Listen to that.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 22)
It took the petroleum industry a while to get gasoline to burn slowly and evenly, without adding extremely toxic lead. Now you can go to a fuel pump and choose your octane level. Yet most people don’t know that gasoline itself was originally a waste product of the petroleum industry, burned by the ton until it went on to become the main event. Your life parallels all of these developments. You need to go for the slow burn in whatever that you do: even, efficient, and just hot enough to make full use of your fuel. You need to make careful use of waste products, and see their potential sooner rather than later. Take beginnings slowly, not quickly. Accelerate evenly. Slow down early. Follow at a safe distance. Practice all of this when you drive. Use the metaphor of manual shift; the automatic transmission has been horrid for driving skills. In sum, the planets are suggesting that you’re about to experience a surge of energy, a release from the past, and a willingness to take new risks and have new experiences. You can afford to take this slowly, moving from idea to gesture to experiment. Remember that you are handling, live flame and potentially live ammunition. I am not saying be obsessed with control, but you will benefit from being obsessed with awareness. Monitor your changes carefully and make sure you’re heading in exactly the direction you want.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)
The pressure comes on, then it comes off. Then it’s back. You deal with it just fine, though I suggest you take over this process internally, rather than constantly dealing with “circumstances”. True, there is plenty going on in your world. You’re being summoned to take up true authority, though that is merely a figment of the changes you are going through internally. This, during what turns out to be the most rapid acceleration of growth of your life. While the impulse to grow and grow and grow isn’t going to end any time soon, you’re still at the beginning: in the pattern-setting mode, creating a new set of skills to help you adapt to constant internal movement. You’re also in the goal-setting phase, staging an insurrection against your parents, against society, and against any expectations that have ever been laid on you. Yet, you cannot simply get rid of the these seemingly external influences; learning goal number one goes something like this. You took on plenty of what was not your own, and then it became your own, and now you’re going the whole distance on claiming that fact and taking on the full power to set your own agenda. Remember that this is a growth agenda first, and a worldly agenda second. I can’t say that often enough. If you proceed in that order, you will be unstoppable, and that (if you ask me) will be good for everyone.


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