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Planet Waves Horoscopes: March 2010 

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AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19)
There are certain details of a partnership or contractual arrangement that you can now resolve, though I would offer you one reminder: Consensus, or mutual agreement, is reached based on values. The specifics tend to follow gracefully once the fundamental values are understood and agreed to by all the parties involved. You and a partner may have a tendency to rehash details lingering from a prior incarnation of the discussion. Plenty seems unresolved, but in many ways the details are irrelevant. In making a return to this subject, I suggest you work with a goal of going to the next level: that is, a deeper level. What are your shared goals? What meaning do you both agree is of primary importance? A conversation focused on circumstantial details will likely evade the deeper ones. In your case, deeper means really deep. In a sense, it’s fair to say that no other person is involved; any involvement with anyone else is superficial when contrasted to the inner depths you are being summoned to plumb by your own soul. What you’re seeing on the display screen of the outer world is a kind of projection of your distant past, including that of your family. I could probably write a book chapter about this based on this month’s charts, but I will sum it up in a question: What is the true nature of commitment? Clue: Take the issue back one century, or three generations.

PISCES (February 19-March 20)
It’s time to consider the concept “selfish” with only the most positive implications. You have a need to take care of others; that goes without saying. Yet, the time has arrived for this in no way, form, or design to include the concept of being a victim of that impulse. Therefore, put yourself and your needs first. This is in service of your greater agenda: the whole thing. At this point you may still be wavering on the notion of prioritizing your personal agenda, whatever that might be. The logic might not be clear, though your resentment level is the most accurate measure of whether you need to adjust your course. There’s nothing violent or dramatic about this, though you may secretly fear reprisal: Deal with that issue. I am suggesting a day-to-day exercise that will guide you to make different decisions than you’ve made in the past. Whatever you may think now, by the time Jupiter and Uranus arrive in Aries later in the spring, a new kind of logic will take over your life. You can wait, but you’ve had many tests of your prior logic, and you keep coming up with the same basic results. Underneath all your emotions, reactions, and ideas about what you may want is a question: How could it be vaguely possible that your life doesn’t matter? Get this one right and you will finally feel like you’ve pointed your airplane down the runway.


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