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Planet Waves Horoscopes: October 2008 

Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:45 pm

Aries (March 20-April 19)
Do you have the feeling lately that you’re trying to put the pieces of a vastly complex puzzle together, and that puzzle is you? Are you struggling with linear time, or with keeping the plotline of your life together? I had this vision of you buying a 2009 date planner but getting a copy where the pages are all in the wrong order. Meanwhile, I’m wondering what it must be like for you to communicate with the people who are the most important to you. It’s probably not so easy at the moment, and I am sure you don’t think it’s getting any easier. Some kind of blowout or emotional injury (perhaps a double blow) that occurred late last month may still be lingering and you may even fear that it’s knocked an important relationship off the rails. I suggest you take it slow, and, if vaguely possible, live with the uncertainty. Try not to push matters, but, rather, work with your environment. To put it simply, Mercury is retrograde in your opposite sign, Libra, and this may be scrambling all the signals that you’re trying to get straight. Under these aspects, your time and energy right now are better spent listening and gathering information. What you need to remember is your commitment to yourself and to life, and your mutual commitment with those you love. The tides will rise and fall. These remain the solid ground on which you stand.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
How do you see yourself lately? You seem to be imaging yourself through the eyes of others. We all do this, but suddenly it seems to be an odd obsession, imagining the voice of someone is speaking through you or like some part of their personality has taken up residence in your awareness. You may be using this perspective as a kind of lever to get to know yourself. I suggest you take this as a clue that you feel that you’re too uncertain of your identity or sufficiently emotionally unbalanced that you need to get your information about yourself from elsewhere. The elusive knowledge you’re seeking about yourself is connected to what feels like an untouchable part of you. In other words, it does not exist outside yourself, in another person, in a situation, or in a goal. What you seek is an aspect of your existence that you hold as too pure to share with anyone else, and perhaps so deep you may not know how to get there. You may in some way feel guilty or ashamed of yourself when you do. That’s the feeling to be aware of. You can easily—in fact, too easily at this point—hide your feelings in someone else, or some circumstance external to yourself. I suggest you meditate on communicating with the deep, burning, and unspeakable mystery within yourself. Even if you don’t think it’s there, it really is.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
You’re running the risk of stressing yourself unnecessarily in a relationship or wannabe relationship. This involves investing yourself in a situation with too high of a risk-to-reward ratio. If you feel like you’re taking chances that are too big, you probably are. Now, it’s possible that you’re having fun gambling, in which case you may need to content yourself with the possibility of losing the game. You may be wondering where all that excellent passion you were experiencing just a few weeks ago went, even if that passion was unfulfilled desire. And that, by the way, can become an addiction, which is in reality a kind of obsession with intensity, regardless of where it may or may not be going. I suggest you look and feel below this level of your experience. There is something down there: for one thing, an old story that you can now see from a new point of view. Go on a hunt for the feeling that you have done something in the past that renders you “undeserving.” Make friends with the side of you that someone may have, one unfortunate day long ago, branded a loser. It’s not true—but if you believe it, you will live as if it is. Meanwhile, regarding your current situation, if you face the truth that you don’t have so much influence, you will begin to discover what influence you do have.

(June 21-July 22)
You’re headed into bold and unfamiliar relationship territory. This likely involves one particular relationship, but also your encounter with that entity known as “everyone.” In some way, one person is poised to become a contact point with the rest of the world. Listen to anyone who speaks to you like they’re an ambassador or translator. If you’re feeling the unfamiliarity of your environment, like you’re in a place with unusual and unfamiliar customs, or like you don’t quite fit in but are being accepted anyway, you are in the right place. Pay attention to the deeper story, meanwhile: It is about you negotiating with yourself about having permission to feel secure in your feelings, on the planet and in your environment. You may feel like you’re swimming in emotional uncertainty or confusion, but it’s what you might call fertile chaos. If you want to move from the chaos factor to the creative fertility factor, go deeper; all the turbulence is on the surface. Take a chance you would not normally take. You may not, at this point, feel you have so much to gain. Determine how little you have to lose, and then decide what you’re willing to try. That chance will appear as an opportunity in the realm of emotional or erotic bonding, joined by an unusual chance to express your ideas and your talent. These will take you far beyond yourself.

(July 22-August 23)
You like to get along with your neighbors, and you see the wisdom of this. “Neighbors” includes siblings, friends, and people you work with. They may be testing your patience; maybe it’s the lost e-mails and missed phone calls that are getting in the way of your peace and harmony. I have two suggestions, one of them more practical than the other. Walk over and visit some of the people you would normally be inclined to call or e-mail. Show your face and add some warmth to the transaction. At least pick up the phone—it’s better than a free-floating packet of data. Second, there are certain past situations with some of the above-mentioned people from your past who would love to hear from you. Go as far back in time as you like: elementary school, five jobs ago, last year. Think of the people you were closest to, or were most intrigued by. Remember anyone you felt an affinity with, or in whom you saw some unusual beauty. Consider who you were afraid to approach because you thought them out of reach, or because you simply lacked confidence. Then get yourself onto Facebook or LinkedIn and see who’s still in business. There is a human gem from your own past waiting for you if you do, and the reassurance that life is not as transient as some would have us believe.

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