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Planet Waves Horoscopes 

Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:50 pm

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Leo (July 22-August 23)
If you’re having an easy time in your relationships right now, don’t thank the planets; thank your own wisdom and maturity. Honor your ability to bear witness to what someone else is going through without having to get directly involved. Pay a moment of heed to the old idea that it’s a wise person who can learn from someone else’s mistakes. The circumstances of your life have their roots so far in the past that you might not remember them. Indeed, we barely remember what happened last week, but I suggest strongly that you pay attention and seek to understand the history of the situation. Most of us drag our old stuff around unconsciously, rarely coming to any authentic awareness of what it adds up to, offers as a gift, or cautions about human nature. What you’re witnessing is likely to take some strange twists and turns within a concentrated period of time early in the month; I suggest that you leave your mind open and make no decisions until after a lunar eclipse in your sign and a conjunction to Neptune, all of which are clear after February 11. Until then, so many distortions are possible that you won’t want to be held to anything you might say, and, for that matter, whatever someone else might say. Drive slowly, and look and listen carefully ’til the mists clear.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Any confrontation can be turned to your advantage: for partnership, for learning, and for resolving old conflicts. Those may be outer conflicts, but the charts seem to point to resolving an inner struggle of some kind involving joining your whole being together as one holistic idea. It’s true that someone is approaching or meeting you face-on and seems to be pushing you further than you seem to want to go, to change faster than is comfortable or express your full power. You’ve encountered this kind of situation before, perhaps many times before, in recent years, and it would be interesting to hear about the sequence of inner responses you’ve had as time has progressed. It would be interesting to hear your process of taking on board the inspiration, agitation, or pressure to move forward with long-delayed aspects of your life. You might ask yourself if you invite people to help you along this way; whether you resent their influence; whether you love and crave it; or all of the above. In any event, you appear to be in a situation that is designed to move you forward, and whether sparks are flying, feathers are flying, or brilliant ideas are flying is really up to you. The future has not only arrived, it keeps arriving. And there is a power source of some kind offering itself to you.

Libra (September 22-October 23)
Creative doorways are opening for you, and they are about to open wider still. From the look of your solar chart, it seems like you have a point of entry into your deeper ideas, artistic impulses, and sexuality. What you may feel you lack is the impulse to do something about it; to keep control over the direction of events and developments. There may be a love interest on the horizon who is distracting your attention from the creative side of this expression, emphasizing the amorous. This person may be serving as a muse, or as a reflection of who you are. Notably, the situation seems to be changing rapidly: If there is someone in your life who has all or most of your attention, their journey seems poised to go inward, which will guide you to do the same thing. If this is a long-term situation, you will need to keep your faith in the process as you and someone else do some very necessary inner work. If this is represents something that has manifested recently, one thing is certain: The events of the next few weeks will set both your life and your creative process in different directions than they might have otherwise. It’s up to you to keep that direction productive and to allow your mind to be set free in the process; which is another way of saying “Trust yourself.”

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