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Planet Waves Horoscopes 

Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:50 pm

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Scorpio (October 23-November 22)
This must be an emotionally sensitive time for you, though you may not be noticing it that way. I see many different themes, as if there are numerous guests in your emotional house, and you may just be feeling the subtle pressure of their presence, and of all the activity. Yet I have a hunch that as the next couple of weeks progress, you’re likely to be filled with the determination to do some early spring cleaning, and get to the roots of all of these different situations. I suggest you be extraordinarily cautious if one of them involves a spouse or long-term live-in partner. I don’t think this person is the problem; to the contrary, I think they are a big part of the solution, or hold certain keys to your own awareness. I am certain (at least looking at your charts) that you are not sure what the real issue is, and as the Sun makes a series of conjunctions, you may decide you have a different theory every day. Make no accusations. Keep them all on the “maybe so” shelf. Most of how you view this situation will depend on two things: whether and how you face your own insecurities; and how you handle a close personal relationship. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Rather than a dialog, have a metalog: Let that which is being discussed to arise as you discuss it.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 22)
You are about to start doing the heavy lifting on a mental puzzle that has confounded you for weeks or months. Believe it or not, the factor you’ve been missing is motivation. Few astrologers would call Sagittarians inherently lazy, though I think that you rely on your dragon-styled luck and your easy access to helpful people and situations a lot more than you admit. When that motivation seizes hold of you, you’ll see what I mean. You have all the other factors in place: a large view of the situation; an introspective sense of what you’re going through psychologically and spiritually; and unusual knowledge of the subject area. Now you need to take full responsibility for being the engine. Cultivate careful, precise mental habits. Know when you are wrestling with a closed mind. Be open to the viewpoints of others, but don’t stop with what’s handed to you; research and develop the idea yourself, and take it to the next level. What you are doing at the moment may only seem to have small returns in the bigger world of which you so dearly want to be part. That is surely poised to happen, though in ways you’re not exactly expecting. But if you want your airplane to fly, then make sure you fasten every rivet yourself. Attend to every detail. Don’t expect things to “happen right.” Do the job right the first time.

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)
What a difference one month makes. Three or four weeks ago, you were utterly overwhelmed and wondering how you were going to keep it all together. Today you seem to be collecting the benefits of so much that you went through. Here’s the latest news: Tackle the money thing head on. Money is not about luck. It’s not about deserving the stuff. It’s about drive. You have all the right ideas, resources, opportunities, and experience. You have something that few others possess in such abundance, which is embracing the willingness to change, immediately and as necessary—something that as a Capricorn I don’t suggest you take for granted. Now you need to apply ambition. Not the ambition of the Hollywood kind, but rather that of a truck going up a mountain in low gear. You need to harness the full power of your psychic engine. The astrology says you want to do this fast; I suggest you be slow and methodical and make sure you’re not missing anything obvious. Be particularly critical of what you believe about the world, and prepare to let go of any notion or idea about existence that does not support you and the people around you. When you start to see the results, this will be easier than you think.

Aquarius (January 20-February 19)

The Sun’s recent eclipse in your birth sign has left you more determined than ever to be a new person, and perhaps more filled with doubts that this is possible. As the Sun is currently in your sign making a series of conjunctions to planets, you may seem like a different person every day, with different motives and goals and a sense of your personality. This is the trap to avoid: You are one person, with one life. That different “parts” of your psyche may come to the forefront at different times does not mean that you actually different every day; the ego can identify with or model itself after anything it wants to, from Barack Obama to the Victoria’s Secret catalog to “South Park”‘s Eric Cartman to a lover to your mother to whatever you can see with your eyes. In my view, true growth is reaching the stable level beneath all of that, and aligning your “sense of self” with the steady layer beneath the many changes you’re experiencing. All the fluctuation may be there to grant you a license to be inconsistent; and I do see the spiritual value in that, in terms of letting go of toxic self-control. This is all well and good, as long as you’re a person of your word. Speak truly to everyone, keep your promises, and live with your decisions.

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