Cycles and Your Inner Sea: Cancer New Moon

The sea is one of nature's embodied paradoxes: though it is in one sense constant in its vastness and depth, it is also constantly changing—such as with the tides. True, storms and certain types of currents can seem to come up suddenly, but the tides offer a cycle of continual shift that is dependable and that fosters many kinds of life.


Mind-Mapping Your Approach to the Solstice

As summer solstice approaches, the Gemini sun opposes Saturn and the centaur planet Ixion in Saggitarius. Aspects involving Gemini means there's an emphasis on mental energy, your thought processes, and how and what you're communicating. Specifically, it means you'll want to notice how you're handling anything with two sides to the story.


Sagittarius Full Moon: Recognizing Your Freedom to Care

What do you see when you look at your ideas of freedom? Can you integrate them with your thoughts on what it means to care and nourish?


Mars, Venus, and Learning to Trust Yourself

When we say, "trust the universe," what we often mean is, "trust myself."


You're Not a One-Sided Coin

Relationships, like people, need the flexibility to morph, to move through cycles, to deepen or broaden. Blocking that process or pretending it's not happening does not preserve the relationship; it merely fosters frustration, resentment and a tendency to get hung up on what is not working (or on fear).


An Invitation to Something New

Working at luck could also mean giving yourself permission to want what you want, and to say yes to it.


No Easy Way, Just Another Growth Opportunity

Don't think for a moment that you can take the "easy" way out by avoiding the issue forever.


What I Noticed As Mercury Prepared to Station Direct

How willing are you to say, "That's not okay" in a public forum?


From Universal Lover to Love Warrior

Most people I know are feeling pretty raw and overwhelmed by the state of the world and the never-ending parade of things to be shocked by, and to fight against or mourn. If Venus really is morphing from "universal lover" into "love warrior," remember that the word in common is love.


Hurry Up and Wait

Painter discusses taking things slow in the coming weeks when it comes to making any decisions.


Feeling Your Way Into a Softer Revolution

Painter discusses how the movement of the Sun and its tie to the horoscopes effects the world around us.


Enthusiasm, Accountability, and Mercury Retrograde

Painter discusses the change of the Horoscope moons.


Eat Before Dinner: A Gluten-Free Manifesto

Coppolino reflects on past gluten-free articles he has written for Chronogram and how gluten-free has been a trend.


Venus and the Identity of Values

Painter discusses how we should include our values when describing ourselves to someone else.


Seek Yourself with Sun-Venus, and Then What?

Painter discusses how, "If you have, however, noticed things going a little wonky, rest assured that you are not losing it."


Indivisible: The Relationship Within

Eric Francis Coppolino tackles the question, "How do we convey the social unrest in our nascent era of protest into a sustained movement?".



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