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Journey Through Space 

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Mentorship is a primary theme of Chiron, as is conscious healing process, growing into self-awareness and the integration of diverse talents and gifts. When you think of Chiron, think "holistic" and "whole system thinking."

I've taken two main approaches to astrology—the healing and personal growth angle, and an integration of astrology with writing about world events.

The spiritual and psychological dimension you're familiar with in my horoscopes, and in my essays about relationships, therapy, and ethical issues. Sometimes this involves the direct use of astrology; the rest of the time the discussion is informed by astrology, which is always working in the background.

I believe I've made a contribution to my field in this area of the work, especially in developing the use of newly-discovered planets that tell the story of the human condition we face today. However, I've gone a lot further with something else—the integration of the personal dimension with world events, and describing the spiritual implications of what we call the news. This has a long history.

When I got my first journalism job in 1988, I was hired by a newspaper in central New Jersey called the Echoes-Sentinel. The editor, Florence Higgins, was an astrologer. I mentioned her last month—the lady who could shock the staff of all seven newspapers in the chain with rumors of Mercury retrograde.

The day I was hired, I was given the one available desk in the office, which had an astrology calendar hanging over it. This began for me what would become a permanent association between newspapers, news reporting, and astrology.

The three writers at the paper would cover town boards, planning and zoning boards, land use, and development. As we did that all day long, we would be given updates by Flo about the condition of the planets. I would study the astrology calendar, trying to make some sense out of it. None of this got into print, but nobody left the Echoes-Sentinel without learning the basics of astrology.

I was also studying A Course in Miracles during this time, which is advanced training in spiritual psychology and healing. Flo read my chart, sold me my first tarot deck and my first set of runes, and basically got me started on the path I am on now. Nearly all of this took place in a newspaper office.

For the next seven years, I learned journalism working as a reporter and editor. I covered American Medical Association conventions, federal agencies like the ATF, liquor and beer marketing, education law, the nurse shortage, and many facets of business reporting.

In 1989 I came to New Paltz to do news reporting and poetry, and started a news service covering the SUNY and CUNY systems and the goings-on in Albany that affected public higher education. All that time, I continued with my spiritual and mystical studies.

In late 1991, the PCB accident at SUNY New Paltz happened, and for the next three years I covered the cleanup, the cover-up, and expanded my investigation into Monsanto, Westinghouse and GE, the companies that created the mess. The Las Vegas Sun, the Village Voice, Sierra magazine, the Ecologist, and many other magazines carried my articles. I developed a specialty in chlorine-based compounds, the history of PCBs and dioxin, and built a considerable portfolio covering scientific fraud.

To sum up that message, at the time I started studying astrology, I did not revere science as a god, nor as a valid religion. It's not that I inherently distrusted any scientist; all I needed was a good answer to the question, "Where's your data?" That question is the single most important tool anyone needs when confronted by a scientist with an opinion about something, especially if that something sounds kinda deadly.

At some point in this era, someone suggested that I check out the horoscope in the New York Post. I wish I knew who that was, so I can thank her. I am sure she lived in the Hudson Valley and may be reading. 

So I started picking up the Post and reading the horoscope—and I was amazed, day after day, without exception. The writer, Patric Walker, clearly had unusual gifts for both astrology and writing. His daily entries were maybe 50 words per sign, but he could convey with detail the nuances of my inner thoughts, my environment, and advised me how to handle them.

Patric demonstrated to me that astrology was real. After about two years I could not stand it anymore. I had to know how he created these readings.

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