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Poem: One with Nature

A poem by Jahnvi M. (11 years)

Poem: Foreign Candy

A poem by John Grey.

Poem: Sam

A poem by Maureen Beck.

Poem: 6 Aphorisms In Search of An Awakening

A poem by Clifford Henderson

Poem: How I Want To Say Hello

A poem by Corey A. Greenberg.

Poem: East of the Sun

A poem by Judith Berger.

Poem: Eventually

A poem by Sydna Altschuler Byrne.

Poem: A Visitor

It came one morning Gently but persistently Perched in my mind, Cooed all day long. I nurtured it, claimed it for my own, Although all the time I knew the world beyond the window Owned it totally.

Poem by p

A poem by p.

Poem: Untitled #1 (For Her)

everything is everything is nothing without the way you smile when words don’t come outright and forthright and proper but I’d take a million jumbled letters just to have an extra thousand seconds to stand and stare and watch you there forming sentences about nothing being everything when I’m with you

Poem: Quatrain for Revolution

Masses of people Knock down doors Waving their flags Red as gore.


Poem: The grass is still growing

A poem by Z Willy Neumann.

Poem: Rayna

A poem by Tara Basha Nachimson.

Poem: The Bone Is Cut Too Carefully

A poem by Susan Hoover & Bruce Weber.

Poem: Heart of Palm

A poem by Mike Vahsen.

Poem: Honeybee

A poem by Jessica Lisella.


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