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A Little Slice of Sunshine: New Citrus 1:1 Gummies from The Pass

The new Citrus 1:1 gummies Berkshires-based vertically integrated cannabis company The Pass have a one-to-one ratio of CBD to THC for an optimal entourage effect.


Take a Moment with Etain

Thoughtfully formulated, high-quality products that meet your everyday medical marijuana needs
With all the options available to today’s medical marijuana consumers, navigating the landscape can be confusing, especially if you’re new to the scene. Founded by three women from the Peckham family, Westchester-based Etain offers diverse formulations of its four product lines—Dolce (the lowest THC-to-CBD ratio), Mezzo, Balance, and Forte—that allow precise dosing, multiple options for time of onset, and the right balance of terpenes to satisfy every need.


High Society's Cannabis Gift Guide

Remember when all you could get your stoner friend for Christmas was a bag of weed? Times have changed since those dank old days, and the high holidays of the present are awash with ganjatastic gift ideas for almost every occasion. We've compiled our top cannabis Christmas gifts to reflect the width and breadth of this varied world of weed, including some special creations available only in the Berkshires. 


Product Review: Hybrid Flower

Hybrid Strains from Mass Grow, Nature's Remedy, Bloom Brothers, and Berkshire Roots
With ganja, you really can have your cake and eat it (or smoke it) too. Hybrid flowers are the result of crossing indica strains, the ones that make you sleepy, with sativa strains, the ones that spur creativity and the giggles.


Product Review: Marijuana Concentrates

Concentrates from Berkshire Roots, The Pass, 253 Farmacy, Rythm Cannabis
If you want to get high, concentrates are the way to go.


The Age of Edibles

How Today’s Cannabis-Infused Products Deliver on Quality, Consistency, and Effects
Though edibles might seem like the modern-day cannabis frontier, many cultures around the world have a long history of infusing the plant into food and beverages. While cannabis’ criminalization in the US lessened the popularity of edibles, the publishing of Alice B. Toklas' 1954 cookbook, which included a recipe for "Hasish Fudge" helped reignite the public's interest. Today, edibles are one of the fastest growing parts of the legalized recreational cannabis industry, and growers and dispensaries like The Pass in Sheffield Massachusetts are working to make a wide variety of edibles with a focus on consistent quality and effects.



Hudson Valley Events

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“Marc Swanson: A Memorial to Ice at the Dead Deer Disco” @ Thomas Cole National Historic Site

“Marc Swanson: A Memorial to Ice at the Dead Deer Disco”

July 16-Nov. 27 — A companion exhibition to one at Mass MoCA, these installations are Marc...
“Marc Swanson: A Memorial to Ice at the Dead Deer Disco” @ MASS MoCA

“Marc Swanson: A Memorial to Ice at the Dead Deer Disco”

March 12-Jan. 1 — These installations are Marc Swanson’s most ambitious yet and consist of sculptures...

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