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Chef Ric Orlando's Perfect Latke Recipe

Chef Ric Orlando's Perfect Latke Recipe

Local celebrity chef Ric Orlando of New World Home Cooking and Food Network fame dishes up his favorite latke and chipotle apple sauce recipe for the holiday season. Whether or not you celebrate Hanukkah, this is one to make.


Wild For The Holidays: A New Foraging Mini-Series from Master Herbalist Dina Falconi

Have you always wished you knew a little more about foraging and herbals? Our area's preniere wild-food expert and clinical herbalist has collaborated with her award-winning vieographer son to create a gift to the world in this series of warm and informative video lessons. Herbal truffles? Yes you can!


3 Rich (Secretly) Vegan Recipes to Dish Up for a Plant-Based Thanksgiving Dinner

From the perfect vegan pie crust to a creamy plant-based mac n cheese, here are three deliciously indulgent recipes to slip into the Thanksgiving rotation for


The Drink: Blueberry Cardamom Fizz

This spin on a classic fixx blends the rich nutty flavor of port with the tarness of berries.


DIY Your Own Natural Sodas and Meads Like a Pro: A Guide

Follow food writer Peter Barrett’s lead, and craft your own seasonal sodas and meads.


The Drink: Summer Fruit Cup from Kingston's Hetta Glogg

Mulled wine producer Hetta Glogg offers a rich, spice-forward twist on the Pimm’s Cup.


Maya Kaimal's Easy Indian Line Grows with Seasoned Rice Offerings

Rhinebeck resident and national foodie idol Maya Kaimal expands her line of South Indian sauces and dals for home chefs with the addition of seasoned rice options.


Cocktail Recipe: Mary’s Lemon Phosphate

A Tart Summery Drink from Crown Lounge
At Crown, this light, tart cocktail balances earthy green tea with citrus and Japanese gin.


WM Farmer & Sons' Prescription Julep Recipe

In honor of spring and the Kentucky Derby, WM Farmer & Son’s julep variation of choice.


Cocktail Recipe: Apple Car Named Desire

At Gardiner Liquid Mercantile, the Applecar Named Desire offers a pomme-forward brandy spin on the classic cognac Sidecar.


Gaskin's Ox Eye Cocktail Recipe

A Balanced Mezcal Margarita
At Gaskin’s, the Ox Eye cocktail offers a smoky mezcal play on the classic margarita.


The Hudson Standard's Evergreen Cocktail

A Taste of Winter
“The Evergreen is a bright cocktail with perky citrus notes and deep, woodsy aromatics,” Worthman says. Three Pines Shrub, which forms the base of this drink, is brewed with Balsam Fir, Red Spruce, and White Pine foraged high in the Catskills. These coniferous clippings are infused in organic apple cider vinegar and combined with local honey to create the earthy, zesty shrub.


The Hudson Standard's Moscow Mule Recipe

A Local Twist on a Bar Classic
The Hudson Standard's cocktail recipes offer a twist on timeless drinks made with regionally appropriate flavors. In their variation on a Moscow mule, the Hudson Standard uses a blend of liqueur and bitters to achieve the ginger flavor, plus a pepper-packed turmeric switchel to give it a bit of heat.


Keep Your Immune System Healthy with Golden Milk

A Health-Supportive Recipe for Braving Cold Season
With flu season sneaking up, it's time to fortify your immune system to ride out winter. Golden turmeric milk is a delicious (and beautiful!) beverage that boasts anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties, antioxidants, and warming effects.


Julia Turshen's Scrumptious Applesauce Cake Recipe

A Delicious, Low-Mess Recipe for the Holidays
This applesauce cake with cream cheese + honey recipe from Julia Turshen's latest cookbook, Now & Again, combines all the best flavors from fall in one moist, easy-to-make cake that is perfect for holidays.



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