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Chronogram 2019 Summer Arts Preview

Chronogram 2019 Summer Arts Preview

Your Guide to a Cultured Hudson Valley Summer

This year, after not only a typically long upstate New York winter but an atypically cold and damp April and May as well, the much-anticipated arrival of summer is sure to feel especially sweet for both regional residents and ecstatic visitors. And what better way to savor that sweetness than to get up, get out, and enjoy a bit of the joyous cascade of seasonal arts events and activities that the warmer months always bring to the Hudson Valley—with the verdant natural beauty of the area as the backdrop?

From the days of the Hudson River School painters to those of the rollicking Borscht Belt era (more on that later) and the heady 1969 Woodstock Festival—which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year—and right on up to the plethora of attractions in the thoughtful, custom-curated roundup you'll find in this very section, the Hudson Valley has long enjoyed a worldwide reputation as a thriving destination of inspiring and fun indoor and outdoor arts-related action.

Just for you, as we do every year right here in Chronogram's Summer Arts Preview pages, we've put together our usual bespoke rundown of recommended events and exhibits in the fields of music, art, dance, and theater; new to the SAP compendium for 2019 is a comedy component, which has certainly been long overdue, given the tremendous amount of internationally renowned laugh-making talent that heats up the Hudson Valley each summer. Also, here to add to the enjoyment are some sidebar pieces we've cooked up exclusively for this issue, each of which is chock full of quirky kernels of conversation-starting delight.

So, then, let's do this. It's time for summer fun. And when you take that ride, keep Chronogram by your side, as your guide. Stay safe. And enjoy.

The 2019 Summer Arts Preview is sponsored by Ulster Savings Bank.

Chronogram 2019 Summer Arts Preview