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Thanksgiving (Or: Observing Gratitude, and Putting It To Work) 

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Some of this week’s bigger astrological events are already dissipating today. For example, the Gemini Full Moon (opposite the Sun in Sagittarius) was exact yesterday evening at 5:44 pm EST. If you were baking pies or in transit to see relatives, you may have noticed the sensation of energy peaking -- such as especially chatty houseguests, or a quickly-shifting focus on finding the best shortcuts to avoid traffic, or a disagreement resolving.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, you’ll be enjoying a sense of warmth and gratitude for shared blessings. But if you are estranged from family and friends, or ill, or otherwise alone and wish not to be, I hope you’ll join the conversation on the Planet Waves website (we have readers all over the world); and reach out and connect with your immediate community where you are. However you spend today, there’s still some significant astrology cooking.

Namely, Saturn in Sagittarius makes its first of three exact squares with Neptune in Pisces today at 7:15 am EST. Eric is exploring this series of squares in his 2016 annual readings, called Vision Quest. In broad terms, this aspect represents a process of dissolving thought forms and spiritual beliefs -- and the potential to create a new vision. This week is just the beginning of that process, which will stretch out over the next year, and then ripple out beyond.

So perhaps consider today an ‘observation day’. And since Saturn is one of the ‘social planets’ (governing that which is somewhere between ‘personal’ and ‘generational’) and Neptune is a ‘generational’ or ‘transpersonal’ planet, it might be worth noticing if anything seems to be shifting or loosening ideologically between the generations gathered socially around your dinner table.

The Moon will continue through Gemini all day today (it enters Cancer Friday at 2:26 pm EST). This means it will be making a slew of aspects to planets all around the zodiac wheel. Some of these contacts may briefly heighten tension (especially emotional reactions to old family patterns, criticism or self-criticism, and collective beliefs you might be trying to distance yourself from). Yet the Moon will also harmonize with other planets that could ease communication with intimate partners, or foster nourishing ideas about what it means to share a meal today with others.

In other words, today is not likely to be dull -- but it should move quickly (or, at least, your thoughts about it will). Saturday and Sunday, with the Moon in Cancer, take on a domestic tone, with potential nesting and caring impulses.

The most prominent aspect pattern this weekend involves the Sagittarius Sun making a conjunction to Saturn in Sagittarius, and a square to Neptune in Pisces, both exact Sunday. The Sun is entering the yearlong Saturn-Neptune square I mentioned above, though the Sun only passes through briefly.

Since the Sun represents your conscious self-awareness and Sagittarius is a philosophical, ‘big picture’ sign, you might notice a sense of how you yourself fit into this process of dissolution and visioning that is developing on the world stage.

Then again, you might not. It could be that having the emblem of our consciousness positioned so close to this process that is only beginning could make it hard to see or understand clearly.

That’s okay, too; you have time to observe and process and engage with what is happening. Even on a ‘mundane’ or ‘everyday’ level, this astrology could feel difficult to pin down. Sun square Neptune is known for making it hard to see clearly; your idealism might be stimulated, yet you might not have the energy or the traction to push toward your loftier goals.

Yet Saturn conjunct the Sun provides some structure and direction if you’re willing to see and accept it (though it also could feel a little low-energy). Figure out what your most important responsibilities are; that is, your real duties -- the ones that feel essential to you at a fundamental level. Those are the tasks you can tackle and make some progress with, especially if there is an element of organization or planning involved.

You don’t have to dictate that others do the same; the Cancer Moon may emphasize ‘caring’, but there are many ways to show that. Dig into whatever it is you must do, and allow a sense of gratitude -- that there is work you can do to make something better than it was, for example -- keep you moving.

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