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The Astrology of 2010 

Last Updated: 08/13/2013 4:02 pm

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If you opened the doors to self-perception, you would see the world as a place that constantly changes, and you would embrace yourself as someone adapting to this as an ongoing adventure. You don’t need stability; you need immediate flexibility, particularly in your beliefs. You know you’re not someone who embraces change warmly or easily, and this alone is a source of resistance. One frequent result of this tension is the constant, subtle fear that everything is going to be different, which could be alleviated by embracing the truth that if you seek growth, you must be friends with movement, progress, and the unfamiliar.

Resistance has an energy source. The emotional tenor of what you’re working through is fear. This in turn is disguised as guilt, obligation, and the choking feeling that “someone is running my life.” If that someone is one of your parents (whether near or far, dead or alive), first check in with your mother. Describe her karma to yourself: her life story, expressed as what she never did that she wanted to do (and why). Note how religion shaped her mind, and consider how those values, whether dressed in religious language or not, are the ones you might need to address the most directly. Guilt is a religiously generated emotion, meaning that it would not exist without the underlying fear of what some remote, impersonal “god” might think of you. Certain people in your life have their own ideas; you have yours. You will be a lot happier when you recognize the difference.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
How is your intuition? I mean: Do you listen? Do you even know when it’s doing the talking? Do the hints you get tend to work with or against the things you know intellectually? Or do you override what your subtle sense tells you? Most likely, you alternate among the possibilities, never quite sure what internal voice to accept as valid. This, you call confusion. Yet because your intuition so often proved itself correct in hindsight, you probably fight with yourself about this issue on a fairly regular basis. You have powerful analytical skills, though analysis does not proceed by itself; it’s guided by beliefs. Often enough, your intuition contradicts your established beliefs, or your notion of what you want to be true. That’s the issue.

More lately, what other people want from you contradicts your sense of what is right for you, though it’s been surprisingly challenging for you to stand up to those influences. They seem to carry so much gravity. So there are really two matters on the docket: one is your relationship to yourself, as described by the intuition versus intellect issue, and the other is how you’re influenced by people who seem to have extraordinary power in your life—most lately, financial and sexual power. Both money and sex experienced as power have one thing in common: fear.

We could boil this discussion down to one theme: how do you handle fear? I suggest you start by calling it what it is. Drop the concepts anxiety, agitation, judgment, embarrassment, and uncertainty. They are all forms of one thing, which is rarely grounded in reality. See if you can spot the habit of self-attack, and notice how much it costs you in the way of life force and peace of mind. Study when you go into automatic mode. You justify this as being “on the go” or a way to “get it all done,” but the cost is taken from is the self-awareness necessary to keep you in a loving and relatively clear state of mind. The decision to go into automode, while it has mental effects, is actually an emotional response. And now for the payoff question: From whom did you learn that habit? Once you know that, you will learn a lot more besides.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
You have so much to offer, and the deep need to share it. If you could make peace with this fact of your existence, your life would be so much simpler. And if astrology is any indication, you will have some extraordinary opportunities to share and make your mark as the next few seasons unfold. These are likely to be disguised as unprecedented success and an expanded role in the world.

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