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The Chaos Factor 

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While we're on the astrology, here's one last thought. The United States is now in its Pluto return. The US has its natal Pluto at about 27 degrees of Capricorn. Pluto reaches that degree in February 2022, completing one full 250-year cycle. This has never happened in US history. Because Pluto is in Capricorn within seven degrees of the US Pluto, what we're experiencing now, and everything I've described so far, can be seen as early effects of the Pluto return. This is the great and grand spiritual checkpoint for the American experiment—and we are in it now.

In this time, we decide we are one nation, one people, living on one world, or we see the effects of the fragmentation of American society in structural ways. These might include secession movements and interstate compacts designed to protect against the too-powerful federal system of government.

A Change in Perspective

We are experiencing change, shock and disorientation on an accelerated scale, as described by world events and the astrology you just read about. But there's a weird dissonance: most people's lives are, at this time, moving along more or less normally. Of course, "normally" means verging on insane—the pace, keeping up with communications, money being worth less, a strange social environment, and yes, the pace of existence seeming to leave no time to breathe.

There is a split here; we see and feel the shocks and yet wonder where the change is for us personally. This is a central question. I think that much of the change we're seeing has its epicenter in consciousness, not in the world.

In order to keep our sanity, we'll need to begin describing ideas and events in more descriptive terms rather than labeling them. The ongoing crumbling of context is making it increasingly important that we have new ways to tell the story of our lives.

This will involve a reorientation of perception. What we need to study is the environment more than dwelling on specific people, problems and events.

"The environment" means your surroundings, technology that's in your hands and in the background, the backstory, and all else that is normally invisible or that you don't typically notice. Now that we've had our minds, hearts, souls, careers, and appointment calendars thrust onto the astral plane of the Internet, it's time to use discernment and notice what normally goes unseen in the world around us.

You are part of that background—that which you look through and do not normally see. Your mind, which synthesizes all you experience, tends to be a transparent device. You seem to see through it, more than you actually see it—yet the opposite is true. You take in the sensory data and then assemble it into the reality you experience. This is why your state of mind is the single most important factor in this whole discussion. It's also the most transparent factor because you rarely see the thing itself; you experience the results. Your mind colors and shapes everything you think you feel and see.

Digital technology has pushed our minds outside ourselves, or that's the illusion. Sense organs, our memory structure, our nervous systems, all are now projected outside ourselves, contained on computing devices. We often remember things by looking them up on a computer. We see the world through cameras and hear it through microphones. This is unnerving; one result is the need to cut off from so much input. That extend/cut-off cycle is the digital haze, the sleepwalking through life, that's so reflective of our moment.

When this happens, particularly in younger people who lack the prior reference points and contexts, one result is extreme destabilization. There is literally nothing to cling to, no dependable harbors or moorings, nothing that does not change with disquieting speed, and everything is subject to being pushed to extremes.

Tell Your Own Story, Your Way

Without old-fashioned concepts to fit your experiences into, you need your own way of telling your story, in a way you can relate to others. You must take over the narrative of your life. This will help you navigate your experiences of yourself, your relationships, and your community. More than anything, having an accurate, workable description of your life will help you navigate your purpose. That is to say, navigating your way through time in a meaningful way.

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