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"The Power of Parchment"

GRIT Gallery
The Power of Parchment
GRIT Gallery
GRIT Gallery Presents: The Power of Parchment

Opening Reception: August 3, 2024 3pm to 7pm

Show runs: August 3, 2024 - September 15, 2024

Art can have a major impact on our lives starting from a simple sketch on a blank piece of paper. One of the most accessible and approachable mediums can also be the most important bridge to an artist's lifetime of expression. Whether we are sketching places, characters or words, we are beginning an empowering journey for ourselves that will last a lifetime.

This group show features NY based sketch artist Lula Lukas blending the vibrant traditions of her Romani and Sicilian heritage, Lula has navigated life's complexities through art, finding solace and expression in the dynamic world of comics and digital media. The profound loss of her parents in 2010 led Lula to yoga, where she discovered a deep connection to her roots and a powerful source of healing. Inspired by this resurgence, she mastered digital art, aiming to weave together diverse narratives.

This show also features Lou Patrou who is an American born artist who lives in the greater New York City region in the Hudson Valley, NY. Lou has a portfolio of work that spans over four decades composed primarily of faces and designs. Lou has since created three lifestyle and apparel brands from his catalog of images and is working with licensing agents in the US, Japan, South America and the EU.

We are proud to feature a first time exhibitor Piper Levine. Piper is a mixed media artist who likes to experiment with lots of materials in paintings, utilizing a number of different textiles: lace, buttons, fabrics of all sorts, needle and thread. She is interested in creating worlds that contain characters portraying familiar emotions, that may be vulnerable or intimate, using paint and textiles to supplement and build a strong mood. Materials and paint facilitate these sensitive feelings that cannot always be described with words.