Yet we have seen Democrats collapse, even under just a little pressure, time and time again, even at crucial moments. It is easy to put the pressure on. We don't know if Nancy Pelosi has quietly been issued a death threat by one of Dick Cheney's flunkies. Hey, it's easy. And all we need is something vaguely resembling a second 9/11, or something worse, for all bets to be off. This is not the time to think we won and it's all gonna be chill. It's the time to start participating more intensely, with greater sobriety and less hope. We need to stalk our congressional representatives, be on a first-name basis with their aides, know what their local offices look like, and actually know what is happening in our government. We have earned the potential for influence; that is different than power. Will we use it? Politics is tedious, hard work, and most people who get involved are extremely neurotic, and they confuse power and pleasure. You lose more rounds than you win. It's not like eating ice cream or taking your dog to the beach. Until you get really, really good at it, politics is nowhere near as much fun as going to work. But somebody has to do it. I nominate us.
Mercury Transit of the Sun
Now that I have that off my chest, Election Day and the day after were certainly interesting days astrologically. I would go so far as to say they were promising and in many ways completely strange. From a distance, however, it did not look too hopeful—it all looked very slippery to me. I guess it's just a matter of who slipped. Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio made an exact conjunction to Venus in Scorpio. This was exactly 90 degrees from Neptune in Aquarius—the cosmic happy pill we've all been swallowing since the late 1990s, sending a little shockwave through that energy pattern. Simultaneously, everything aligned on another plane of space: Venus and Mercury were parallel to Neptune (somewhat like an exact conjunction, but subtler); and the next day, Mercury crossed the disk of the Sun, called a transit (a parallel plus a conjunction simultaneously). Each one of these events is rare; putting them together is extraordinary, and something extraordinary happened. For Aries Point fans, the focus of this activity was right at the center of the fixed signs, which are on a 90-degree harmonic with the first degree of the zodiac. In other words, the midpoint of the fixed signs is directly connected to the beginning of the cardinal signs. So the superaspect involving the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune also picked up the Aries Point, amplifying its effects many times. I completely missed this, the total sum, before the fact, and have only put it together in the past couple of days. Of all these events, the Mercury transit of the Sun is the one that points to the beginning of a new era, particularly given where it was placed in relation to the Aries Point. Think of Mercury etching a line across the Sun, or Mercury eclipsing the Sun. The small meets the great; the Mercury boomerang that has been thrown at us again has finally come back and clocked the King (the Sun) on the head. At every defining moment of the Bush administration, Mercury has been the most prominent planet, and the alignments have been strikingly well timed and precise. The two events we're most familiar with were the election of 2000 and the coup d'etat of September 11. With the first, Mercury stationed direct in the last degree of Libra the night of the 2000 election, just as the polls closed in Florida. Bush, who lost the popular vote and should have lost the electoral vote, won the presidency.With the second, Mercury was rising, exact to the degree, in Libra, just as the September 11 incident manifested. An event that required the government's negligence to happen at all became the weapon used against us over and over again. These are old examples—but they are salient, and they fit a larger pattern. The sequence of events Tuesday into Wednesday fits the pattern closely, with a grouping of aspects tightly focused on Mercury at center stage.
The Future
Unless we are playing Nostradamus, we cannot really say what this holds for the future. There are too many X-factors involved, one of which is how desperate people will react when their situation becomes genuinely desperate. But we can generally describe the climate: the progressed Sun of an important United States chart now in Pisces (starting exactly on Election Day 2004, and which, incredibly, will stay in force through 2034), which is just another way of saying that we've got some things to talk about here beside the rising tide.