Ulster 2040: UCEDA Helps Build a People-Centered Economy

​​Ulster 2040: Building a People-Centered Economy

Ulster County is defined by its natural beauty, history, and culture, but most of all by its diverse and creative population. In 2019, a working group was formed to start a conversation about what the county’s economy could and should look like by 2040. The Ulster 2040 working group’s report, “Building a People-Centered Economy,” sets a bold vision for reimagining economic development as not only growing jobs and GDP, but creating opportunity, prosperity, and quality of life for all residents. Ulster 2040 is a dynamic, evolving vision of a people-centered economy that relies on ongoing partnership and collaboration among stakeholders to craft innovative solutions to complex problems. The people and organizations profiled in the following stories are but a handful of examples of Ulster County’s drive toward a more resilient and equitable future.