Upstate/Downstate: NYC Poets in Woodstock | Woodstock Public Library | Literary & Books | Chronogram Magazine

This is a past event.

Upstate/Downstate: NYC Poets in Woodstock

Karen Neuberg, Soraya Shalforoosh, and Sarah Sarai team-up in a downstate poets’ triple-threat. Neuberg's poems in "Myself Taking Stage" exhibit “an alluring scent of the surreal” (Molly Peacock); Shalforoosh's "This Version of Earth" is as “bracing as any New York novel" (Kathleen Ossip); and Sarai’s "Geographies of Soul and Taffeta" "strike(s) new ground in being intelligent and far reaching while maintaining an air of humility and matter of factness.” (Christine Hamm). Open mike will follow.