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Vision Quest: Into the Mysteries of 2016 

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One of those weird, new planets still in Sagittarius is Ixion. My key phrase for this body is "anyone is capable of anything" or you might say "studies in amorality." Amoral does not mean immoral; it means a worldview where there is no such thing as right and wrong. The concepts simply don't exist, and we see plenty of this going around.

Now Saturn is in Sagittarius (through late 2017), and we are in the territory of something more tangible; that's Saturn's job, to give us something we can see, feel, measure and describe. And that tangible thing is the influence of outmoded beliefs, especially if they are religious. Saturn in Sagittarius is the very picture of oppression by religious belief, and it also describes a confrontation with those beliefs.

People are driven by religious belief far more than they recognize. Religion has done a fine job of taking over all ideas about creation of life, birth and death. It is an unconscious relationship with death in particular that drives people to cling to their beliefs. But then along the way, sex has been corrupted and nearly everyone is convinced that there's something wrong with it, or with themselves for liking it too much. With this is the idea that sex must be contained and regulated (usually by marriage or marriage-like relationships).

So the core question of Saturn in Sagittarius is, to what extent are these beliefs driving your life? And when you notice them acting up, what do you do? People seeking enlightenment, liberation and connection to their deeper spirituality are penetrating through these dense beliefs that tend to be passed thoughtlessly from generation to generation. Saturn in Sagittarius is saying it's time to start thinking about what you believe, which means raising it to the level of awareness.

This will not happen by itself. You are more likely to get clues that something is up, and then have the option to respond. Responding means something that most people find challenging: deciding what is actually true for you.

Saturn Square Neptune in Pisces

There is a co-factor working with Saturn right now, and that is Neptune in Pisces. This is a much longer term transit, lasting through 2026—another 10 years. You might call Neptune in Pisces the potential for truly organic and creative connection to existence—what some call "spiritual" but without all the dressing, and expanding into all creative and erotic endeavors.

Neptune in Pisces has a wide spectrum of experience, and you might say it's about accessing God or your soul or your spiritual core any way that works for you. Typically we restrict the idea of spiritual to that which is appropriate for a chapel. However, I would humbly submit that there's a lot more potential than that. Most artists and musicians and dancers will tell you that their daily work is their spiritual path—their journey of connection and self-awakening.

What is now happening is that Saturn in Sagittarius, the container of all these concepts and dogmas, is about to plunge into Neptune in Pisces. By plunge I mean that it's about to make a 90-degree or square aspect to Neptune, which you might call a real meeting. Among the aspects, the square is one of the most compelling; it's one that you cannot ignore.

However, the most obvious manifestation is unlikely to be a breakthrough or a dawning of awareness; it's likely to be confusion. With Neptune, it's often the kind of confusion you have to figure out that you're in. It can be the sense of losing your direction, or a quagmire. You might feel like you're in a fog. And the thing that, in my view, is necessary is vision, or you might say, a vision.

Here is the thing. When prefab spiritual concepts that have dominated one's life are suddenly called into question, or dunked in a lot of spiritual water, and they start to come undone, that can leave you feeling like you have no ground to stand upon.

Since neither Sagittarius nor Pisces are about solid ground, you might decide that the structure you need is a kind of raft that actually floats on that water, rather than sinks. Religious ideas will indeed sink into Pisces like a rock. A simple raft—a basic, clear idea about your existence, or even a real question—will rise up and float.


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