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Weekly Astrology Forecast for December 7 

Harnessing Steam with a World on Fire: Mars Enters Scorpio

  • Amanda Painter

It feels almost as though the world is catching on fire. Between the far-reaching GOP tax bill, Trump shrinking the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments, the continuing wave of sexual harassment and assault accusations, and even actual forest fires in southern California, much seems to be burning in one way or another—and that's just in the US. It can be hard not to feel overwhelmed, but the astrology offers some clues for how to handle it.


Right now, there's significant activity in all three fire signs—especially Sagittarius. In fact, the astrological image of a great, swirling fire is mirroring one of the prominent sensations of our daily lives right now. You might be wondering whether to look for a bucket of water; stop, drop and roll; or run away screaming. It's like everyone wants to call a metaphysical version of 911. But who would the firefighters be?

In a sense, we all are. Each of us holds some personal responsibility to engage with the world for the good of all. The question is often "how?" You might need to pull on your personal oxygen mask and take care of yourself first.


Yet, if you're someone who's feeling "fired up" rather than burnt out or choking on smoke, it could be that you can take a slightly different role. Fire can be very useful when handled carefully, and some people have a greater affinity for it and skill with it than others. Other just need to learn some basic safety tips to join those ranks.


It's worth a reminder here that with retrograde Mercury, Saturn, and Pholus still in close proximity with the Galactic Core, you might be one of the people who's picking up an essential spiritual signal. If insights are coming through to you, or if you're feeling more empowered or in a position of greater authority over your life right now, pay attention. Take notes; review and revise your plans; make sure your actions and communications—even if seemingly minor—align with your broader sense of purpose and focus. There's a chance it could matter more or serve even further down the line.


All of that said, something like relief—or perhaps greater motivation, or a new way to use all this fire—looks like it arrives this weekend. That's when Mars (the planet of desire, drive, and action) leaves air sign Libra (air can fan flames) and enters Scorpio.


Mars reaches Scorpio at 3:59am EST on Saturday. Scorpio, the sign of fixed water, is ruled by Mars. This can be an intense and strong-willed placement. Yet in a person who is spiritually oriented, it is also said to indicate strong healing power.


And while water can put a fire out, that's not likely to be the case with all the fire in the sky. Adding a fiery planet like Mars to Scorpio—the most potentially "structured" of the water signs—is more likely to produce steam.


How do you avoid getting scalded by that steam? By putting the steam to work. The energy indicated by Mars needs you to channel it, to direct it, to use it with full awareness toward constructive ends.


That might feel a little more awkward or less straightforward with Mercury retrograde (and with Mercury in an exact trine to retrograde Pallas in Aries, Pallas relating to strategy). In this case, you might try putting Mars to work in some sort of recovery/reconnaissance/review effort. What do you need to gather now to be able to move forward more effectively later? What is calling you to dive deeper and with greater focus, despite myriad holiday season distractions and obligations (on top of the political insanity)?


Consider your answers seriously. On Friday, retrograde Mercury makes its second of two exact conjunctions to the Galactic Core as part of its retrograde process. Pause to notice anything that gives you an "Ah-ha!" feeling this week, and take notes. Even if you can't see the reason, relationship, or end goal, that does not mean there isn't one; it just might not be visible from your current vantage point.


Given the other astrology happening now, the timing for Mars entering Scorpio looks like a transformational steam engine with some fascinating potential. How will you harness it?


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