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Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 12 

Saucy Transformation, Harmony, and You

The Kennebec River, between Waterville and Winslow, Maine. - AMANDA PAINTER
  • Amanda Painter
  • The Kennebec River, between Waterville and Winslow, Maine.

If you've been feeling a need for some energy to shift, you're in luck. This week sees two major planets changing signs: Jupiter left Libra and entered Scorpio on Tuesday; and on Saturday, Venus will exit Virgo and enter one of its “home” signs, Libra.

Jupiter spends about a year in each sign. So if you think back about 12 years, you may get a sense of how this planet's expansiveness influenced your life. What grew? What became so magnified that you could no longer ignore it? What benefits (even if they appeared in disguise at the time) came your way?

Although the area of your life where this occurred will depend on where Scorpio falls in your natal chart, you can also get more clues by thinking thematically. For example, astrologer Debbie Kempton-Smith begins her section on having natal Jupiter in Scorpio by writing, "You're as horny as a three-balled tomcat—people can just tell you're brilliant in bed." She adds later, "You love excess in business, religion, or love." Does that ring any bells?

Astrologers Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Acker initially note that things like "joint or corporate finances, taxes, insurance, and legacies" relate to Jupiter in Scorpio. But they also mention interest in "the occult, mystical aspects of religion, in life after death, and in telepathic communication with those of the unseen realms"—as well as acquiring "secret information regarding the private affairs of others."

Eric Francis wrote yesterday that, "Jupiter condenses the creative, spiritual, and mystical qualities of Sagittarius and Pisces, and the nurturing qualities of Cancer, and introduces them to the sex-death-regeneration-transformation zone known as Scorpio." You can hear more of his take on this next year of Jupiter in Scorpio on this week's Planet Waves FM program.

In other words, you might think of Jupiter as taking the beautifying and balancing tendencies of Libra and simmering them down into a more concentrated form: one with the deeper and darker (but no less appealing) flavors of transformation. Like taking a bright, young red wine and reducing it to the kind of intensely flavored sauce that makes you groan when you taste it.

With this mid-ground shift, Venus will ingress Libra on Saturday at 6:11am EDT. Libra is one of Venus's preferred places to be, emphasizing harmony in relationships, consideration for others, a sense of justice, artistic aptitude and a refined aesthetic sense, and a need for intellectual stimulation to accompany sensuality. Yet all things have their shadow side to go with the light, and for Venus in Libra that can be a tendency to avoid discord to the point of superficially going along to get along.

Overall, however, it seems that Venus moving into Libra just after Jupiter's moved out offers some softness to these transitions. I suspect it could provide a bit of stability and a buffer (or equipoise) for a couple of other aspects this weekend.

First up is Mercury in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, exact on Sunday. This could show up a couple of ways: mentally scattered or intellectually charged up. You might find yourself seeking out new experiences. If breaks from your routine are stressful, see if you can shift your perspective and see some creative opportunity there—and then seek confirmation of your insights and intuition.

Bear in mind that Mercury will also be sextile the centaur planet Pholus in Sagittarius (which is also trine Uranus). The small new thing you try could have surprisingly far-reaching effects. This can be very positive; just choose your new thing (and your words) carefully.

Astrologer Robert Hand particularly notes that if you need to work during a Mercury-Uranus opposition, developing a systematic approach and then keeping to the system can minimize errors. This could be especially helpful if you're working with others in any kind of “live” or real-time situation where there's no opportunity for behind-the-scenes course corrections.

Venus moving into Libra could help to temper any emotional swings that might ordinarily come with the unexpected, and may also help to soften the Moon after it enters Virgo Sunday morning. (A Virgo Moon can tend toward the critical side when it's not being channeled into specific tasks.)

And speaking of Virgo: Mars in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces this weekend, also exact on Sunday. Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow describes Mars opposite Chiron as the "sacred warrior" archetype.

But what does that mean? Clow mentions the idea of fighting injustice with compassion for the oppressed—a theme that would seem to complement Venus in Libra. That might feel a little lofty or removed from your everyday life, however.

So, what if you think of Mars-Chiron this way: Can you express your desire or anger specifically and constructively enough that it serves to raise the game of those around you? And can you do it in a way that indicates not only that you're all on the same team, but that you care enough about yourself and those around you to choose to do no harm in the process? Compassion can come in many forms; when you can extend it to others for the ways in which they might not be “measuring up,” it's that much easier for them to offer it to you for your imperfections, too.

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