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A central part of Hudson Valley lifestyle is health—from getting outdoors to eating nutritious, sustainable food, people who live in the region care about living well-rounded, healthy lifestyles, with a focus on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and general wellness. Chronogram’s Hudson Valley online magazine focuses monthly on wellness coverage, including health trends and topics, diets and cleanses, medical treatments and facilities, alternative medicine and practices, yoga and movement, health myths and mantras, bone and heart health, sound healing, and wellness fairs and expos.


Greene County's "Take Out Week" Initiative Aims to Support Local Restaurants

Greene County Chamber initiates Take-Out Weeks to support local restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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These Hudson Valley Distilleries Are Pumping Out Hand Sanitizer

Local distilleries in the Mid-Hudson Valley have switched gears to make hand sanitize amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Hudson Valley Businesses Work to To Fill the Desperate Need For Face Masks

These Sewing Machine-Equipped Businesses Are Pumping Out Homemade Masks for Local Health Care Professionals Amid a National N95 Shortage
Hudson Valley businesses have been hard hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, but many are making ingenious pivots to support the health care industry and fill supplies shortages where they can, like these three businesses that are sewing homemade masks.

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Hudson Valley Shops With Online Stores

As COVID-19 Rocks Our Local Economy, Support These Small Businesses by Shopping Online
It's never easy owning a small business—margins are always tight even in the best of times. With coronavirus outbreak in New York State, many small businesses have been forced to close down their brick-and-mortar locations to support preventative measures, but many of them have taken to the internet to keep providing you with the products you love—from artisan home goods to flowers to soaps and candy. Help these Hudson Valley businesses stay open through the COVID-19 pandemic by shopping online.

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Hudson Valley Yoga Studios Going Digital with Online Class Offerings

Stretch, Center, and Stay Calm through the COVID-19 Crisis with These Online Offerings
Movement, stretching, and mindfulness practices are an excellent tool to reduce stress and bolster your immune system. Don't stop moving just because you're sheltering in place. With COVID-19 outbreak forcing the closure of all gyms, many Hudson Valley yoga studios are now offering online classes, some free, some donation based.

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Daily Reporting on COVID-19 in the Hudson Valley

Through our sister site, The River Newsroom, we are working hard to provide daily reporting on the state of novel Coronavirus in the the Hudson Valley in collaboration with other area publications and journalists. Please subscribe to the River's newsletter to get the latest updates delivered directly to your inbox.

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Hudson Valley Resources for Navigating COVID-19 Outbreak

From educational resources for parents with school-aged children to support for service workers out of a job to a fund for musicians, here is a rolling list of resources to aid us in this emotionally, financially, and logistically trying time of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Bringing Better Spine Care to the Hudson Valley

Inside Columbia Memorial Health’s Spine and Neurosurgery Program
As part of their partnership with Albany Med, Columbia Memorial Health is now better positioned than ever to serve a community increasingly afflicted by age-related illnesses of the spine. Since the partnership began over a year ago, two neurosurgeons have joined the neurosurgery and spine team at Columbia Memorial Health. Combined with their established pain management program and physical therapy centers, Columbia Memorial Health now offers a full range of spine care, which includes minimally invasive surgery at its Hudson facility.

Tags: Medical

Esteemed Reader | March 2020

Publisher Jason Stern ponders upon the similarities between fireflies and the trajectory of our paths.

Tags: Esteemed Reader

The New Menopause

Author Darcey Steinke Discusses Her Latest Book, Flash Count Diary
Health & Wellness editor Wendy Kagan sits down with author Darcey Steinke to discuss her latest book, Flash Count Diary, and the challenges of menopause in the modern era.

Tags: General Wellness

The Abode: A Picturesque Retreat Site in the Taconic Mountains

The Abode in New Lebanon offers retreat within nature and the opportunity for greater self-understanding.

Tags: Retreats

Examining the Opioid Crisis in the Hudson Valley

Here’s how Hudson Valley authorities are responding to the opioid epidemic caused by fentanyl.
As the opioid crisis sweeps the nation, here is a look at how Hudson Valley officials are responding.

Tags: Health

Esteemed Reader | February 2020

Publisher Jason Stern takes us back 2,500 years to show the collective wisdom of the times.

Tags: Esteemed Reader

Mindfulness: There's An App for That

Mindwell Labs Pioneers Digital Tools for Mindfulness
Shaun Nanavati has teamed up with colleagues from New York City and Menla retreat center to form Mindwell Labs, a company that’s developing digital tools to bring mindfulness into the 21st century.

Tags: Mind

What's the Difference Between Rapid Care and the ER?

A Time and Money-Saving Distinction
Dr. Michael Weisberg, Chief of Emergency Medicine at Columbia Memorial Health in Hudson plays the key role in opening several Rapid Care centers in order to alleviate overcrowding, increased wait times at the ER, and costly bills for non-emergency treatments.

Tags: Medical

The Spectrum of Care: Autism-Friendly Services at Columbia Memorial Health

Columbia Memorial Health's Emergency Department and their Rapid Care centers in Copake and Valatie have dedicated rooms for patients with autism, who might struggle with the high stimulation of the surrounding clinical environment. These rooms feature lower furniture, calming paint colors, sensory blankets, and iPads to help ease communication.

Tags: Medical

Esteemed Reader | January 2020

Publisher Jason Stern discusses the isolation of people today versus the 70's when people hitchhiked and connected.

Tags: Esteemed Reader

3 Experts Offer Tips for Getting Unstuck from Old Patterns

New year, new you, right? Often easier said than done. To help you actually fulfill your healthy resolutions for 2020, health editor Wendy Kagan talked to experts in three fields for tips on how to get unstuck from old patterns.

Tags: General Wellness

Esteemed Reader | December 2019

Publisher Jason Stern relates an allegorical tail of hopelessness and the restorative power of the inner voice or voice from beyond.

Tags: Esteemed Reader

TMI Project Essay: More Than Just This Moment

Ray Long shares a story in which the LGBTQ suicide helpline helped him survive and empowered him to be "more than just a moment."

Tags: Mind

Healing Quest: Julia Indichova's Natural Fertility Boosting Program

Julia Indichova, Woodstock-based creator of Fertile Heart Ovum Practice and author of two books, views the fertility journey as a revelatory quest for wholeness and an opportunity for healing.

Tags: Body

Maternity Care 2.0: Columbia Memorial Health & Albany Med Team Up to Deliver Better Care

Two hospitals, Columbia Memorial Health and Albany Med team up to deliver better access for the region.

Tags: Health

High Time: A CBD Medical Conference and Public Workshop in Newburgh

Everyone from Curious Medical Practitioners to Consumers Can Learn about CBD on December 6
Since the 2014 Farm Bill’s legalized the industrial production of hemp, CBD products have infiltrated the market, showing up in everything from lattes to tampons to gas station gummies. CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Unlike THC—the psychoactive compound found in marijuana—CBD does not produce a high and isn’t addictive. Rather, CBD interacts with the human body’s own endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate things such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, and sleep. As the peer-reviewed studies affirming the therapeutic benefits of CBD continue to roll in, the plant-derived compound is establishing itself as a useful resource within the medical community. Still, there is a lot of ambiguity around CBD and its application, which the Newburgh Armory Unity Center aims to clear up with their December 6 conference, “CBD For Healthcare Professionals: What Is Cannabidiol Extract And How Does It Work.” CBD for Medical Professionals The conference at the Armory, sponsored by Orange County Citizens Foundation and Cornell Cooperative Extension, aims to educate professionals in the medical community about the fringe-turned-mainstream health product. "This is a new and exciting healthcare opportunity that's currently being extensively researched by the medical community,” says Nancy Proyect, president of the Citizens Foundation. "This conference and workshop brings current information and knowledge about CBD to our community. Hemp production is becoming significant for our community, especially for our farmers. CBD is becoming significant for the medical community in its uses to help treat anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. This conference will offer critical information on CBD effectiveness, uses, contraindications, and how to identify quality brands on the market." Presentations will be given by professionals including doctors, pharmacists, and manufacturing leaders from across the US. Seminar topics include “Introduction to Hemp, Past, and Present,” “Hemp: Agricultural & Legislative Basics in New York,” “Physiology and Pharmacology of Cannabidiol and the Endocannabinoid System,” “The Green Revolution: Recent Changes in CBD and Recreational Marijuana,” and “Cannabinoid Clinical Pharmacology.” CBD for Consumers Following the conference is a workshop for the general public, “CBD in Healthcare: What is Cannabidiol Extract?" Emily Leppien, a doctor of pharmacology at BCPS, will be openly discussing the uses and the future of CBD, as well as the research behind the product. The professional conference will take place December 6 from 8am to 5pm and the general public workshop from 6 to 8pm. Tickets for the conference are $125, with a discount of $50 tickets for medical students, residents, interns, and fellows. Tickets for the public workshop are $10. ...

Tags: General Wellness

Esteemed Reader | November 2019

Publisher Jason Stern discusses his upcoming birthday, its significance and questions whether a person's spirit lives on in others for years to come.

Tags: Esteemed Reader

TMI Project Essay: Nam MyoHo Renge Kyo

Kesai Riddick shares his upbringing with a white mother and no father. Although he struggled with not knowing his dad Buddhism helped him understand that it's better to know yourself.

Tags: Spirituality

CBD Crazed: It's High Time We Looked at the Science Behind the CBD Hype

As CBD products fly off the shelves everywhere from gas stations to wellness boutiques, we peek at the science behind the hype.

Tags: General Wellness

Columbia Memorial Hospital Rolls Out 3D Breast Biopsy Technology

As part of their continuing effort to invest in new medical technologies, Columbia Memorial Hospital has rolled out cutting-edge 3d breast biopsy technology, which complements their existing 3D mammography capabilities and offering Hudson Valley patients state-of-the art screening and breast cancer detection services.

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