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A central part of Hudson Valley lifestyle is health—from getting outdoors to eating nutritious, sustainable food, people who live in the region care about living well-rounded, healthy lifestyles, with a focus on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and general wellness. Chronogram’s Hudson Valley online magazine focuses monthly on wellness coverage, including health trends and topics, diets and cleanses, medical treatments and facilities, alternative medicine and practices, yoga and movement, health myths and mantras, bone and heart health, sound healing, and wellness fairs and expos.


Esteemed Reader | November 2019

Publisher Jason Stern discusses his upcoming birthday, its significance and questions whether a person's spirit lives on in others for years to come.

Tags: Esteemed Reader

TMI Project Essay: Nam MyoHo Renge Kyo

Kesai Riddick shares his upbringing with a white mother and no father. Although he struggled with not knowing his dad Buddhism helped him understand that it's better to know yourself.

Tags: Spirituality

CBD Crazed: It's High Time We Looked at the Science Behind the CBD Hype

As CBD products fly off the shelves everywhere from gas stations to wellness boutiques, we peek at the science behind the hype.

Tags: General Wellness

Columbia Memorial Hospital Rolls Out 3D Breast Biopsy Technology

As part of their continuing effort to invest in new medical technologies, Columbia Memorial Hospital has rolled out cutting-edge 3d breast biopsy technology, which complements their existing 3D mammography capabilities and offering Hudson Valley patients state-of-the art screening and breast cancer detection services.

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Esteemed Reader | October 2019

Publisher Jason Stern explains how the enneagram is both a symbolic portrait and a roadmap to becoming a completed human being.

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Pain Cracks the Rock

The story of Theresa Haney about processing trauma, living with addiction, and finding a path to recovery, adapted from the TMI Project archives.

Tags: Mind

Just Breathe: Breathwork as a Journey of Self-Discovery

Unlocking a state of altered consiousness similar to psychedelics, breathwork is a journey of discovery.

Tags: General Wellness

Breast Tech: 3D Mammography at Columbia Memorial Health

In March, the hospital rolled out state-of-the-art 3D mammography, a cutting-edge imaging technology that generates a three-dimensional picture of the breast, affording healthcare providers a more accurate view of tissue, compared to the conventional two-dimensional mammograms.

Tags: Body

Woodstock Healing Arts: Bringing Self-Care to Hudson Valley Communities

Everyone is busy. If we’re not working, we are taking care of the kids, the house, the car, our furry family members, and maybe even caring for aging parents. Time for self-care is scarce, but Ben Fleisher, the owner of Woodstock Healing Arts, says it’s vital that everyone take time to care for themselves.

Tags: General Wellness

Esteemed Reader | September 2019

Publisher Jason Stern explores conflict, duty, and mindfulness.

Tags: Esteemed Reader

The Science and Healing Benefits of Psychedelics

Researchers explore the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics from magic mushrooms to Molly.

Tags: Health

Treat Yourself: Mirbeau Inn & Spa Rhinebeck is Accepting Reservations

The Spa Mirbeau in Rhinebeck, which will be located at the soon-to-open Mirbeau Inn & Spa Rhinebeck are currently accepting reservations for September 28 and beyond.

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Esteemed Reader | August 2019

Esteemed Reader of Our Magazine: The tenor of the public discourse, so rife with vitriol, polemics, and contradictions exerts a continuous draw on attention and the temptation to get swirled into an omnipresent vortex of negativity. In my view, this is the beginning of the kind of mass psychosis that tends to precede violent upheavals in society.  How does a person inwardly strive for presence and impartiality in front of budding and blooming disequilibrium leading to the deterioration and collapse of a society that has, hitherto in our lifetime, been livable if not comfortable? Around the time of my birth, numerous spiritual teachers and thoughtful academics were expressing much the same message: the current social and economic structures of human life are not sustainable for the earth nor for maintaining a basic let alone abundant human society. The unsustainable system, these teachers said, is bound to fail, and we need to begin to coalesce authentic communities based on perennial principles. One of the teachers from what could be called the "New Axial Age" of the end of the 20th century was an English polymath named John Bennett. He formulated the problem and pointed to a solution in a private meeting with a group of students in London in 1972: "The problem in front of us all is how to live in a world that is being increasingly dominated by negative forces; how to become possible channels for transmission of positive forces. How not to get oneself caught into the stream of negativity. It seems easy enough to decide in one's own mind that this is what one wants to do and intends to do, but it is necessary to stop and ask oneself whether we are capable of making the decision to put aside, with every means available to us, negative attitudes in our thoughts and in our speech and in our behavior towards other people." I am humbled in the face of an admonition such as the above, suggesting the possibility of putting away all negative attitudes toward others. Despite efforts to be inwardly clean, I see the frequency with which negativity leaks into my thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds. I see that I react to both people near to me—people that I love—as well as to public figures and events in the news. To become really cleansed of negativity seems like a bodhisattva vow, something ideal but impossible.  Some of the events in the life of John Bennett come to mind. I recall how his teacher, Peter Ouspensky, suggested that Bennett and other students attempt to work with the Orthodox practice of perpetual Prayer of the Heart. With application, Bennett became able to recite The Lord's Prayer continuously and simultaneously in English, Greek, and Latin, even in the midst of a busy outer life. Bennett had superpowers of intention, effort, and attention. He was a giant of inner work. As a mere mortal, I wonder, how could I approach this task? In answer, I recall that Bennett further suggested that we are not in this evolutionary inner work alone. There are forces, intelligences, he said, that are involved with genuine human progress. This evolution is a development of being, growing a vessel or soul that is able to contain reactions and transmute poison into nectar. Help, Bennett said, is available to those guided by conscience, the inner compass that allows human beings to see and respond to what is true.  The forces involved with human evolution are always available to help. To receive this one needs a balance of active work on oneself and receptivity to help and guidance from beyond (or from deep within) oneself. This is expressed in the Arab proverb "Trust in Allah but tether your camel," or "[The Totality] helps him who helps himself."  Bennett concluded his teaching with this formulation of the task for those who wish to work for a positive future for humanity: "To replace all negative attitudes towards the existing world by a feeling of confidence and love towards the new world which is being born, towards the still unborn child that is the future mankind, to arouse in oneself constantly this love of the future humanity. Every time one observes in oneself some kind of negative attitude, to take this as the reminder that we human beings live on this Earth in order to serve and particularly to serve the future and to serve with love, with hope, with confidence that it is possible for humankind to be born again."   —Jason Stern ...

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How Far Away Are We From 3D Printing Organs?

Leading Experts Weigh In on the Possibilities
While still a project that requires more time and research, the future of transplant-ready 3D-printed organs is closer to being a reality than you might think.

Tags: Medical

Exploring the Unconscious with the Hudson Valley's Dreams Doctor

Hudson Valley psychologist Jonathan Hyland, the Dreams Doctor, would love to use his holistic therapy methods of dream analysis to help you decipher the underlying archetypal energies in your life and figure out how to harness and work with them.

Tags: Mind

6 Hudson Valley Apothecaries Offering Natural Necessities and Know-How

Just stepping through the door of a local apothecary— the good smells, the sweet smart welcoming vibe—can make you feel better. Here are some sweet Hudson Valley apothecaries where you can tap into various aspects of the local herbal and botanical wisdom.

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Majestic Hudson Lifestyle Is Here to Help You Find Your Bliss

When you’re looking for items that are supposed to benefit your spiritual health: a healing crystal or totem, a special bracelet, yoga and meditation tools—you want to make sure you trust where it’s coming from—that everything from the materials to the impact on the artisans you’re supporting checks out. At Majestic Hudson Lifestyle thoughtful curation of handmade goods and blissful experiences from someone deeply connected to the space of mindfulness and makers is a priority. The brand was born three years ago on “the foundation of experiences that ‘fosters connection, inspires creativity, and supports a compassionate lifestyle one blissful experience at a time,’” according to Jennifer Llewellyn, Chief Wellness Officer at Majestic Hudson Lifestyle.The growing online store and Katonah-based brick and mortar boutique grew naturally out of Jen's “ever-growing quest” to enhance those blissful experiences. Given her background as a Hudson Valley artist and maker, with a BFA in Graphic Design and minor in printmaking from SUNY New Paltz, Llewellyn approaches curation and sales with her artisans in mind. She makes sure that everything in her boutique gallery is Hudson Valley-made and Fair Trade, coming from makers that she’s come to know intimately. “As a maker myself, I enjoy tooting people's horns, not only my own. As the saying goes ‘makers gonna make’ and I just felt local artisans needed a home and a cheerleading squad. The Majestic Hudson Lifestyle Boutique is that Mothership,” Llewellyn says. “Every artisan represented has a story, you do not have to hunt for them on a shelf. I consider it a high priority to know the maker and their craft personally I want to tell their stories every day, all day long. The actual power of selection will make you feel good about your own purpose in the commercial cycle.” Llewellyn also prides herself on being able to source specialty crystals and creating bespoke healing art based on what a customer is experiencing. Recently, she helped source a rough watermelon tourmaline from Brazil, which was recommended by a customer’s healer for a special ceremony in her daughter’s honor. “Often customers are comfortable enough to show up and ask for what they desire and I am always happy to walk them through the selection process to create or procure what they need,” she says. “I knew I could curate a plethora of handmade, earth-made tools that enhance creative and spiritual practices that help us grow, heal and develop as conscious, warm-hearted individuals.” Llewellyn also works to make sure her store and brand promotes a real, lived-in approach to mindfulness. A devoted fan of Joseph Campbell (he’s her pick for anyone in history she’d like to have dinner with), she says she’s constantly inspired by the quote “follow your bliss.” “Mindfulness practice is not just about taking a yoga class; it is making a painting, walking your dog, baking bread, and taking a hike, being present with your children…. The list is long and very personal to you. Do what you love,” Llewellyn says. “When you leave my boutique or float out of one of my experiences you have homework: Smile often. Do what you love. Practice your craft often. Go Outside. Surround yourself with reminders to be present, in the now. Follow Your Bliss.” Visit Majestic Hudson's website to browse some of their cool, curated items and reach out to Jennifer to see if she can help you find the right spiritual items for you.  ...

Tags: Spirituality

Esteemed Reader | July 2019

Our publisher Jason Stern makes the case that science is not clearly defined or something to be believed in, in response to a reader's letter.

Tags: Esteemed Reader

Tapping into a Lighter Spirit—Understanding the Emotional Freedom Technique

Using a tapping technique on energy meridians, the alternative modality EFT helps people overcome fear, anxiety, and stress.

Tags: General Wellness

Saugerties Yoga Celebrates its Grand Reopening on June 22

As Saugerties Yoga prepares to celebrate its grand reopening with a Summer Solstice Celebration on June 22, new owner and veteran yoga practitioner Sarah Wilkinson shares her vision for the brand and her philosophies about practicing yoga.

Tags: General Wellness

New Paltz's Mountain Float Spa Wants to Help You "Unplug"

Run out of New Paltz, New York, Mountain Float Spa offers guests a chance to unplug and connect with their minds and bodies through Flotation therapy.

Tags: General Wellness

Esteemed Reader | June 2019

Our publisher Jason Stern shares how he experienced all things at once one morning and questions human behavior under the same gestalt consciousness.

Tags: Esteemed Reader

Three India-Inspired Retreat Centers in the Hudson Valley

Three spiritual retreat destinations bring the traditions of India to the Hudson Valley.

Tags: Spirituality

Relax, Rejuvenate, Retreat: Restful Getaways at Menla

Part resort, part retreat center Menla offers a rejuvenating, centering, and comfortable experience, whether you are there for a personal getaway or for one of the contemplative, restorative workshops guided by world-renowned instructors.

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