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After leaving the corporate world, Wayne Carrington decided he needed a life change. He and his wife Rebecca, both seasoned musicians, nursed a secret dream of opening a music venue. When the Clinton General Pub came on the market in 2011, the Oneonta natives' bluff was called. "There's no time like the present," Carrington says. After a year of renovation, they opened B-Side Ballroom, with the goal of providing a quality venue for touring musicians looking to fill their schedule between major cities. "Having been a musician and record studio owner and understanding how the business works, we made a great stage, with a great PA and great acoustics," Carrington says. "We wanted to cater to the wildly talented artists that are out grinding pavement everyday, looking for a venue that treats them right, with good food, accommodations, and a great music space." With their Rolodex of industry contacts, the Carringtons hit the ground running in 2012. Last year alone they held 165 shows, including nine by Grammy-winning artists. "Commitment to the artist—that is our whole philosophy," Carrington says. Upcoming shows include The Currys (March 10), Kyle Cook (March 14), John Scarpulla Band (April 14), and The Novel Ideas (May 9).

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