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An empty nest can be lonely—not to mention having the hassle of upkeep on all that unused space. The region's architectural vernacular of old multi-level farmhouses, two-story Capes, and three-story Victorians doesn't offer many viable options for the aging couple who want to condense their living space. The Gardens at Rhinebeck development project did not start out with the vision to address this issue, but naturally gravitated in this direction as the need for accessible housing became apparent. "A lot of people are done with their single-family home in the area and looking for some place new to live," says developer David Silver. "We are selling to people from Kingston, Red Hook, Woodstock, New Paltz. People are even coming up from Florida to buy." Set amidst meadows and ponds less than a mile from the Village of Rhinebeck, the condominium complex has over 170 units already standing, with another 76 planned for construction over the next few years. The newer buildings will have features like first-floor master bedrooms and roomy single-car garages that reflect the needs of the residents. The first unit is slated for completion in December.

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