Salune Hudson Brings Dry Hair Cutting to the Hudson Valley | Art of Business | Hudson Valley | Chronogram Magazine

Innovation often flourishes in the absence of traditional training. Such is the case with Lune Wynyard of Salune Hudson, who had no intention of becoming a professional hair stylist when she began. In most salons, hair is washed before being cut, but Wynyard taught herself to cut dry, observing and responding to the hair's natural habits, curls, and cowlicks. After five years building a client base in New York City, Wynyard attended the Aveda Institute, where she realized how unconventional her approach was. "In traditional cutting, abstract, geometric shapes are being imposed on someone's head. It is admirable, but it seems to necessitate heat styling," she says.

"What I've learned is that each person has their own individual growth pattern, which wetting destroys," she says. Her approach works with these patterns to create a cut that is "very low-maintenance but also styled looking," accommodating people who want to "get up and go" without worrying about their hair. After working at a salon in Park Slope for several years, Wynyard decided to move Upstate, where she detected a market for her method. At Salune Hudson, she is training three stylists in the technique she has trademarked as "Intuitive Dry Cutting." The salon also offers a full range of services including coloring, styling, wedding hair, and makeup.

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