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In the heart of the Hudson Valley lies a beacon of innovation: Wave Farm, a non-profit and pioneer of Transmission Arts (artistic projects that engage the electromagnetic spectrum, in picturesque Acra. Wave Farm has long been a champion of sustainability, and a few years ago, they entered into a groundbreaking partnership with SunCommon, a local leader in residential and commercial solar installations. Together, they brought into being a solar array that powers Wave Farm’s operations, while also serving as a testament to the diverse potential of clean energy in building a brighter future.

Founded in 2004 on the principles of community engagement and artistic exploration, and on a mission to foster creative and critical practices in media arts, Wave Farm is dedicated to the intersection of art, technology, and ecology. Many of the art installations at Wave Farm already incorporated passive power generation through DIY solar panels. In addition, their entire 29-acre wooded campus has been electrified to give artists a number of access points to the airwaves, enabling experimentation and activating the campus as one massive instrument. By going solar with SunCommon, renewable energy is now the main source for all campus exhibits and operations.

With 108 PV (solar) modules, the solar installation at Wave Farm generates enough renewable energy credits to save them almost $8,000 annually and offset over 70 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. That’s enough energy for their main campus plus the WGXC FM Transmission Tower site located in South Cairo.

“We had always intended to be solar powered. It wasn’t until we started working with SunCommon, we discovered that we could not only power the property here—all the installations, the study center—but through remote metering, we could also offset the incredible consumption at our radio station’s tower site. And it was a dream come true," says Galen Joseph-Hunter, Wave Farm Executive Director.

In addition to powering its facilities, the solar installation at Wave Farm serves as an educational tool for visitors. Through interactive exhibits and guided tours, visitors can learn about the benefits of solar energy and its role in combating climate change. This hands-on approach allows Wave Farm to engage with the community and inspire others to embrace more sustainable practices.

click to enlarge Artistic Vision, Solar Mission: Wave Farm's Journey with SunCommon
Courtesy SunCommon
Zach Poff's "Pond Station" exhibit at Wave Farm.

In this time of environmental uncertainty, partnerships such as the one between Wave Farm and SunCommon offer a glimmer of hope. By harnessing the power of the sun, communities can reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and embrace a cleaner, more sustainable energy future, all while educating and inspiring others to embrace more sustainable practices themselves. As Wave Farm and SunCommon continue to demonstrate, the possibilities are endless when we work together towards a common goal.

Interested in learning more about going solar at home, on the farm, or at a place of business, visit, call (866) 452-7652, or email [email protected].

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